Cat Missing for Nearly two Years Reunited With Owners Thanks to RSPCA

The feline’s owners in Leeds gave up hope of seeing their pet again.

A couple were able to enjoy an emotional reunion with their pet cat when he was found by the RSPCA nearly two years after he went missing in West Yorkshire.

The RSPCA collected the white and black cat from a property at Spring Valley Drive in Bramley after the feline, called Lupin, had been living as a stray.

The householder called the animal charity to report the cat had been attempting to get into her house. RSPCA inspector Taylor set a cat trap and Lupin was discovered only slightly worse for wear after his lengthy period of outdoor life.

He had some fur loss to his tail, but fortunately he had been microchipped and the details revealed his registered owners lived five miles away in Meanwood, Leeds.

Harriet Tarbatt reported him missing after he vanished when he was just over a year old in February 2021.

She and her partner, Michael, (pictured) gave up hope of seeing their pet again after making an extensive search, so they were delighted when the inspector brought him back to their home last Saturday (December 10).

Lupin, who is now two years old, was also glad to be reunited with the couple’s other cat, Juno, and is settling back into family life.

Lupin’s return was an early Christmas present for Harriet, who is also expecting a new arrival this week.

She said: “We couldn’t believe it when we got the phone call from the RSPCA. Early last year we let Lupin out with his sister and he didn’t come back which was so unusual.

“We looked for him up and down the streets and we put down biscuits and put up posters everywhere. We thought he was in someone’s home, but he never returned and there were no sightings.

“It’s so amazing we’ve got him back. He’s a bit scrawny, but he’s not underweight, so he has been looked after somewhere and been fed.

“Lupin and Juno don’t recognise each other yet and his sister is a bit territorial, but they are warming to each other.

“We can’t thank the RSPCA enough for getting him back to us.”

Lupin has undergone a vet check and the RSPCA has advised the couple to keep him indoors for now.

Inspector Taylor said: “We received a report of an unwell stray cat who was trying to get into the caller’s house. We managed to catch him in a cat trap and fortunately he was chipped which meant we were able to reunite her with Harriet. It is so important that cat owners get their pets microchipped and make sure the registered details are up to date – and this amazing story reminds us why.

“Both Harriet and her partner were ecstatic to find out Lupin was alive as they never heard anything after he went missing and came to terms with the fact he may have died.

“When they got my call they were full of happiness. Harriet is pregnant, so this has really added to their Christmas joy.”

The RSPCA is highlighting rescues like this as part of its Christmas appeal which calls on the public to make donations to fund the charity’s on-going work, which is stretched more than ever as more people are abandoning or neglecting their pets due to the cost of living crisis.

To Join the RSPCA’s Winter Rescue and help our rescuers be there for animals please visit our web page here

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