Too big for his Puss in Boots! Cat Called Stormzy Rescued in Croydon

Stormzy the cat was well and truly stuck in a gap between houses

The RSPCA and local fire service rescued a cat which had become wedged in a very narrow gap between a house and a fence.

The black and white and white cat became trapped in Lodge Road, Croydon, late on Monday 7 November, but it wasn’t until the next morning that the homeowner realised the cat was actually stuck and contacted the RSPCA for help.

Animal rescue officer Sam Matthews attended to try and rescue the cat. Unfortunately, he was stuck out of arm’s reach and even the rescue officer’s equipment couldn’t reach him.

Sam said: “This poor pet had managed to get himself stuck in a very narrow gap between two houses. It was impossible to reach him, even with a grasper, so I contacted the London Fire Brigade for assistance and I’m very grateful that they were able to help.”

The London Fire Brigade in Croydon removed some of the breeze blocks from the building to make more room and then managed to reach the cat and pull him to safety.

Sam added: “I reunited the cat, called Stormzy, with his grateful owner. Thankfully, he wasn’t injured but just a little shaken from his ordeal. I’m pretty sure Stormzy won’t be too big for his boots anymore after this cat-astrophe. And I very much doubt this vossi mog is planning on another game of hide and seek any time soon!”

If you find an animal in distress, please visit the RSPCA’s website before calling our helpline:

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