RSPCA looking for special homes for ‘outdoorsy’ cats

Charity rescued over 20,000 cats last year but some prefer the great outdoors!

The RSPCA is looking for special homes for farm cats and other nervous felines who prefer the great outdoors to life inside a traditional home.

Farm cats need less human interaction than a typical domestic cat but still need someone to keep an eye on them. The RSPCA hopes to educate the public that not every feline is happy to be a lap cat in the hope of finding outdoorsy homes for these rescue pets much more quickly.

They’re often nervous around people but still need someone to provide food, water, shelter and veterinary care when needed. As the name suggests, they would most likely be best suited to a farm, smallholding, or riding stables – but some have even found quirky homes such as a model village, an orchard and a gazebo company.

Potential owners don’t necessarily need to have a farm or riding stable to rehome a cat who enjoys the great outdoors. The charity is looking for homes of all different types to match the variety of different cats we have.


Black cat Nigel was living rough in Tamworth in Staffordshire, for a few months and was kindly being fed by a member of the public. Sadly, he suffered injuries to his neck and face and was taken to the vets before the RSPCA was contacted.

After waiting in private boarding due to the animal centres in the area being completely full, he is now in the care of the RSPCA Macclesfield, South East Cheshire and Buxton Branch and looking to find his forever home.

Sadly, Nigel is very nervous and scared around people so will need a home with an open minded, welcoming and patient owner who understands that he will never be a lap cat. Just recently he has started to make eye contact with his carers at the animal centre and will even eat Lick-e-Lix cat food from his carers hand (video), so he has started to make a little progress.

If you think you can adopt Nigel, please contact


Mildred is a three-year-old long haired tabby cat. She was found by a member of the public with her six-week-old kitten. Mum and daughter came into the care of the RSPCA Halifax Huddersfield, Bradford and District Branch until the kitten was old enough to be rehomed separately.

After her mothering duties were over, Mildred was placed in foster care but it soon became apparent that she did not enjoy being in a typical home environment so the branch is instead looking for a warm and secure barn or type of outhouse for her to live in where she can have the freedom to come and go as she wishes.

If you think you can adopt Mildred please contact the RSPCA Halifax branch on


Summer is a three-year-old tabby and white cat who is looking for an outdoor, rural home.

She arrived at the RSPCA Eau Brink Animal Centre in Norfolk in May with a litter of kittens. Her babies have now found a forever home but Summer is still looking. She has gained some confidence towards people since arriving at the centre and will happily accept treats from people but does not like to be touched or stroked by people. She is a curious kitty and likes to know what is going on and is comfortable enough to roll around in front of her carers so long as you keep a comfortable distance. She needs a patient owner who is willing to take some time to let her settle in and build up her confidence in an outdoorsy home.

To adopt Summer contact RSPCA West Norfolk Branch’s Eau Brink Rehoming Centre on 01553 618889.

Mike and Sully

Mike and Sully are two six month old black and white cats who are looking for a farm type home. They came into the care of RSPCA Newbrook Farm Animal Centre in Birmingham after being rescued by an inspector. They were both suffering from cat flu and were in poor condition when rescued so needed a few weeks of treatment before they recovered enough to be rehomed.

As the pair were born outside, they missed out on critical human interaction at a young age which means they are both very nervous around people and don’t like much contact with humans. For this reason, the staff feel they would prefer an alternative home such as a stable yard, smallholding or farm. They would need a shelter such as a barn or outhouse and an owner who is willing to keep an eye out for them.

The pair are incredibly bonded and can often be found curled up together so need to be rehomed as a pair.

If you can adopt Mike and Sully contact


Marcel was rescued by the RSPCA at 16 weeks old as he was an outdoor kitten who needed a bit of TLC.

He was cared for by the RSPCA Crewe, Nantwich and District Branch before being rehomed to a traditional home but sadly he didn’t like the other cats and spent most of his time outside. Now at 18 months old, he finds himself back in the care of the branch and looking for a special kind of home.

He has learnt to enjoy a bit of human company and likes to be close to his carers, meowing for their attention – but he doesn’t like to be picked up or stroked. However, he is very sociable and full of character and will happily pop inside for a bit of warmth and some company and then spend hours exploring outside.

He would like a quiet, rural home with no other cats where he can come and go as he pleases. He needs a patient owner who understands that Marcel is not a lap cat – he may like to be close to you at times but he doesn’t want to curl up on your lap for strokes. He will need lots of space to explore the great outdoors, a garden near open fields or a farm would be ideal, as well as a warm bed to sleep in at night.

With a little patience, Marcel can be an energetic, friendly and entertaining companion.

If you think you can adopt Marcel contact the RSPCA Crewe, Nantwich and District Branch on 01270 811 013.

How to adopt a Farm Cat

Taking on a farm cat gives them a second chance in the type of home where they can live their best life. Seeing them roaming free, dozing in the sun and exploring to their heart’s content can be really rewarding for new owners.

All the cats will be in good health, neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, where appropriate and treated for fleas and worms.

The minimum requirement for an adopter will be to provide a weatherproofed shelter, food and water at least daily and to keep an eye on the health of the cat and seek veterinary help when needed. They will also need access to land to roam, and vegetation such as woodland, fields or gardens.

As well as hoping to find homes for cats currently in their care, many RSPCA branches and centres aim to build-up a directory of potential adopters so that when these cats come into their care they can quickly rehome them without the stress of being confined in a cattery. To register your interest in becoming a farm cat adopter, contact your nearest centre or branch.

For more information on adopting a Farm Cat visit:

A new filter has been added to the RSPCA’s rehoming website so that potential owners can search for farm cats online, please visit:

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