Ahoy There, me Hearties! RSPCA Rescue Cat Undergoes Amazing Transformation

His rescuers arrr now appealing for funds to help Jack Sparrow

A cat who was rescued after suffering from one of the most awful wounds the animal care team had ever seen has undergone an amazing transformation.

Jack Sparrow, a black and white male cat, came into the care of the RSPCA Canterbury and District Animal Centre in June after he was found abandoned on the Isle of Sheppey with a burst abscess on his neck.

He was named Jack Sparrow by the staff at the animal centre after the famous Pirates of the Caribbean character due to his black and white striped ‘pirate’ post-surgery jumper which stopped him from licking his stitches.

Tara Luxford, animal welfare manager at RSPCA Canterbury, said: “Poor Jack has had a tough time. He came into our animal centre with one of the most awful wounds our team have ever seen in all our years of working here. But despite needing lots of medical attention, Jack has been tolerant, patient and such a delight.”

The two-year-old cat underwent surgery at Vets4Pets Canterbury. It was tricky surgery as they had to stitch him up from his shoulder up to the side of his cheek.

Now Jack is recovering well and has undergone quite the transformation since the surgery.

Tara said: “Jack has FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) which is quite common in male cats who are left unneutered and roaming. This means he has an immune deficiency so his wound had been healing very slowly and the only option was surgery.

“Following his op and a lot of stitches he is now recovering well with his foster family and loving some home comforts. He isn’t ready for rehoming just yet – but once he is the only ship our Jack will be looking for is a lovely friendship with his hooman!

“We’re so thrilled that he is on the road to recovery after everything he has been through. However, his operation was very expensive on top of our normal day to day vet bills, which means we are now appealing to kind animal lovers to please support us.”

The cost of Jack’s vet bill is £1,500. If you would like to donate to help the centre reach this goal please visit, https://rspcacanterbury.enthuse.com/cp/51b3c/fundraiser#!/ or donate via their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RSPCACanterburyandDover/

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