CatsEssentials Impresses Thousands of New Fans During CatCon 2022 with Book Release, Inspiring Contribution to Humane Society Naples

WEST PALM BEACH, FL 2022 – On October 1, 2022 and October 2, 2022, CatsEssentials CEO Melissa Mezzalira debuted her luxury organic product line and new publication among thousands of energetic attendees during CatCon 2022, the world’s largest cat-centric convention. Visitors perusing the company’s merchandise, which was prominently featured at the two-day extravaganza hosted at the Pasadena Convention Center, remarked on the customary miniature replicas of human furniture, and raved about the intricate craftsmanship of the Treviso, their signature cat-sized sofa.

“Our participation in CatCon gave us an invaluable opportunity to show off our unique furniture collection to the entire world, and in a personal setting dedicated to everyone who loves cats,” said Mezzalira, founder of CatsEssentials. “The most adored piece was the organic duvet, our newest addition from the 2022 Fall Bedding Collection. Guests couldn’t believe their eyes to see a small replica of an actual human-size duvet. Convening among fellow cat lovers from all walks of life and styles stood out the most for me, from the over-the-top cat-centric costumes to the more chic, polished cat Moms and Dads in attendance. I was especially touched by the live cat adoptions that took place during the convention, resulting in 136 cats and kittens finding their forever homes.”

Mezzalira’s new book– For the Love of Cats: A Modern Cat Lady’s Journey Into Cat Parenthood and Entrepreneurship– was also spotlighted during CatCon. The publication chronicles her experiences as a devoted cat parent, luxury organic “Catpreneur,” and charitable donor who will graciously donate a portion of the proceeds from her book sales to Humane Society Naples, a west Florida nonprofit that is working overtime to rehouse and care for pets displaced during Hurricane Ian.

“Mixed emotions washed over me since the hurricane was damaging the Florida coast during my time across the country at Catcon, which placed many things in perspective for me,” said Mezzalira. “While I was networking with new customers and potential partners in sunny Pasadena, families residing near Florida’s western border had their lives– and the lives of their pets– literally turned upside down. I’d like to offer a donation to Humane Society Naples, one of the state’s most benevolent organizations for unhoused fur babies and generous pet parents alike, while they accommodate pets that were either lost or displaced during the storm.”

Mezzalira, an Italian designer who has translated her affinity for high-end materials and fashion to her miniature cat furniture product line, is also offering a few autographed copies of her new book to lucky customers who purchase the publication online. As CatsEssentials gears up for the holiday season, website visitors are also encouraged to consider the company’s signature items as gift ideas, which include plush cat beds, designer mattresses, specialty toys, and elevated furnishings from the company’s Veneto and Fall Bedding Collections. To learn more about CatsEssentials and Mezzalira’s new book, visit the company website.


About CatsEssentials:

Founded by social entrepreneur and modern cat furniture designer Melissa Mezzalira, CatsEssentials is reinventing the way in which the world provides quality, comfortable, and luxurious experiences for our beloved feline companions. A “Catpreneur” inspired by a tenacious drive to change the world, her contemporary Italian design roots and appreciation for an elevated decor aesthetic are reflective in her furnishings, comprising eco-friendly materials and organic bedding. Her sophisticated cat furniture line presents small-scale replicas of high-end product models commonly enjoyed by conscious cat parents, which are accessorized and customizable to their needs, preferences, and design choices.

CatsEssentials’ identity is defined by treating cats like integral members of the family, or as children. As our Founder shares, “Our love for our cats– and for the environment at large– inspired us to cultivate a community of cat parents who create healthy lifestyles for our companions each day, without compromising the affinity for luxury or style. The company is governed by the philosophy of all living things being interconnected, and respecting the world in which we live while encouraging others to do the same.” For more information, visit CatsEssentials here.

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