Tips and Advice for Eating Problems in Cats

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Following on from our post on the benefits of extra-wide bowls, we are today looking at other eating-related issues that our readers often contact us about and how raised and curved bowls can help with this. Plus this month only you can get 20% off on ALL Necoichi items in our shop with the code Necoichi until the end of this month.

One of the most frequently send-in questions is how to deal with the “bowl is empty” despite still containing food! There are quite a few reasons behind this but they all can be resolved fairly easily!

The most common reason is that your feline friend can’t actually see the few remaining bits of food, while they are prolific hunters in nature the eyesight of cats for things close-up is actually quite poor! And most cats have the habit of looking at the center of the bowl so if the center is empty they may just assume that their bowl is truly empty. Now this one is the easiest to resolve by using a bowl that naturally makes food gravitate towards the center. Choose a bowl that has higher sides that are curved inwards so that the food does gather in the center of the bowl. Our preferred choice are the Necoichi bowls as they don’t just address this but also other possible reasons that we are going to look at.

Top reason number 2 is that your cat is simply struggling to bend down to eat their food, after all would you want to crouch down to eat? Yes we know cats walk on all four there as we don’t but still especially for older cats this isn’t always easy! It could be the onset of arthritis or simply if your cat has already got a tall body it might put them into the wrong position to swallow properly, which actually leads us to our next issue…

VOMITTING! Haven’t we all been there? Our cats have just had their dinner and whoops it comes back out? While in some cats it can be down to an illness or even a genetic problem, quite often it’s more than likely down to eating their food too quickly! While raised bowls don’t provide the 1 size fits all solution here we’ve found that our top offender for vomiting has had far less instances since we switched to raised bowls.

We discussed this with a vet who explained that as he is an oriental with a very long neck in comparison to a box standard moggie the constant bending down may have induced his vomiting episodes as food hadn’t quite travelled down to his tummy yet before getting hold of the next kibble!

Basically, Gravity helps move food from the mouth to the stomach when food is served in an elevated bowl. Because of this, elevated food bowls can also benefit cats who have eating or swallowing difficulties.

And lastly, we have the WHISKERS FATIGUE – Cats use their whiskers to identify obstacles and safe paths around their territory so constant brushing against the bowl can overstimulate their nerves and lead them to avoid their food bowl. For our full article on this topic please check this guide out.

Our top choice of bowls to deal with this issue are the extra wide raised bowls from Necoichi.

Brand new in the Necoichi range are the Tilted bowls which combine all of the benefits of a raised bowl with an extra wide bowl while making food naturally slide towards the feeding area of the bowl!

Our brand choice for raised bowls is Necoichi – as they are made of FDA / EU / UK safety-approved porcelain that is also dishwasher and microwave safe they do offer the cleanest (and cutest!) way to elevate our cats’ food and water. 😀

Of course, we are not saying that you have to purchase one of our bowls but we would highly recommend that you avoid plastic or bamboo bowls as these can build up bacteria over time and their porous material makes it more difficult to clean them properly. Which can lead to problems such as feline acne.

If you are happy to go for our top choice do check out our Necoichi brand section where you’ll find plenty of bowl designs from colourful dots, mount fuji, sakura to the classic paw print design. 🙂

Plus purchase the bowl tray at the same time with a selection of bowls and receive an automatic 5% off on the bundle which can be combined with our special 20% off discount code: Necoichi



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