Guest Star Cat: Sophie

By Jacqueline:

She will be two years old in October. She has become quite the lap cat! She usually has a very serious look on her face! Perhaps it is her part Turkish Van breed. Her fur is soft as silk and dense.

Her distinctive black smudge beauty mark on the side of her nose is very cool! Her big ears pick up every sound in our house.

Her best friend from first day of adoption to our house is Maverick, a 16-1/2 lb. Maine Coon mix who is eight years old They are inseparable. See photo of Maverick below washing her face.

Sophie is always first to try new toys! She is snuggling below in a grey cat house.

Her human daddy travels a lot for business. Often, he finds a toy mouse hidden in his suitcase by Sophie. She loves to tuck toys under rugs, towels, blankets, jackets, etc.

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