Basil & Sage the Rescue Kittens

The following guest story comes from Jacqueline and previously featured in Tummy Rub Tuesday!:

I am pleased to present to you perhaps the “tiniest” Tummy Rub Tuesday kitten — Basil. I am sharing photos of him and his best friend “Sage” (grey and white). They are both feral, orphaned kittens, about 2-1/2 to 3 weeks old.

Sage was rescued from a large feral colony in Anaheim, California USA. Basil is an orphan from a Downey, California USA (suburb of Los Angeles) cat rescue group. They act like they are brother and sister.

They have been thriving in an incubator and recently had fun exploring in a fluffy carrier. Their eyes are open and the big, wide world amazes them.

Sage is the most vocal of the pair, and Basis likes napping and toys.

Both tiny kittens are being fostered by Suzy and Rich in Anaheim, CA USA. They trap and rescue feral cats/kittens, foster them and place them for adoption. Thanks to Suzy and Rich, the orphans will soon have loving homes.

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