Vets Play Stray! Cats Protection Prepares to Make Its Twitch Debut With Stray

The UK’s leading feline charity will be hosting their first ever Twitch livestream tomorrow, Wednesday 21st September, at 7pm. Veterinary experts will be exploring neon-lit alleys in the cyberpunk adventure game, Stray.

The stream will feature Cats Protection’s Central Veterinary Officer, Sarah Elliott, playing the popular video game whilst she shares her expert insight into how accurately it reflects real cat behaviour.

Sarah said: “I’ve never played Stray before, but I’ve heard from lots of people that the creators have worked hard to show cats exhibiting natural behaviours. I know there’s a rapidly growing online community of people posting pictures and videos of their own cats completely transfixed by gameplay.

“As Stray has proved so popular, we thought it would be really interesting to discuss cat behaviour whilst taking the audience through some of the early stages of the game. We will be analysing how accurately the game portrays the life and movements of a real stray cat. We also hope to share some educational messaging on cat welfare and raise some vital funds for cats in need. I’m really excited to dive into this dystopian universe and experience the world of Stray for myself.”

Viewers will be able to donate to Cats Protection whilst they watch the live stream via their Tiltify page. All donations help Cats Protection to provide food, shelter and veterinary care for thousands of unwanted and abandoned cats, just like the loveable cat in Stray.

The stream is part of the Pawsome Players initiative launched by Cats Protection in 2019, which helps gamers raise funds for the cats and kittens in the charity’s care. Players who sign up can mastermind their own gaming fundraising challenges, with the support and guidance of Cats Protection.

Joining Sarah onscreen will be one of Cats Protection’s own Pawsome Players and long-term staff member, Liz Gillings, she said: “I am also a Stray first-timer, but I’m really looking forward to experiencing it with a professional like Sarah and learning all about cat behaviour. Not many people get the chance to play a game like this whilst having commentary from an expert, so I feel very privileged to have this chance along with our audience. If you are a cat lover, this is not something you will want to miss.”

Viewers can tune into the stream by visiting the Cats Protection Twitch page. Those who fancy taking on a fundraising streaming challenge of their own can sign up to be a Pawsome Player here.

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