Kaiju Special Saturday Cat Guest Star

Hi everyone,

The following guest story has been submitted by Martha:

On a hot mid-April day in Amarillo, TX, a family out walking followed the screams to a dirty, hungry, 4-week-old black kitten in a pile of rusty car parts.  The mom contacted the Amarillo SPCA which in turn contacted one of their fosterers.  He quickly  proved good at climbing, especially jeans, and taught a couple of his foster siblings.

He liked to play with ALL the toys though most were as big or bigger than he was.

He was a very odd and determined kitten who tried on several names but finally answered to “Kaiju”. He was very interactive with the fosterer, her husband and the other foster and regular household felines.  He even helped make the bed!

By the time Kaiju was 12 weeks old, the foster family realized he was so rare and different they couldn’t give him up.  He became, at 12 weeks, a “foster fail”.  The shelter staff laughed and laughed – especially when they saw some of the pictures.

As he grew, Kaiju still loved having ALL the toys.

He seems to remember having been a new, scared, foster baby himself and now helps raise the next ones.

Still a “strange, powerful beast”, Kaiju often sleeps in weird and wonderful ways and places.

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