Homeless Boris is Searching for a new pad (the Feline Version That is)

The black cat has had a chequered past living on the streets

A black cat called Boris, who has been left with the battlescars of a life spent living rough, is hoping his luck is about to change.

The somewhat raggedy-looking feline, who is named after an RSPCA inspector called Boris, was found in Dudley at the end of last month after a concerned member of the public noticed he had a nasty injury to his leg.

After receiving initial veterinary care at the charity’s Newbrook Farm animal centre and hospital near Birmingham, Boris was transferred to The Holdings Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Kempsey on 8 July.

Described at first as scared, bewildered and wounded – most likely caused by fighting with other male cats in the area – staff and volunteers have been working patiently to win him round.

The Holdings, which is run by the RSPCA’s Worcester and Mid-Worcestershire branch, has reported a 35 percent increase in the number of unneutered felines they are seeing, with 85 cats coming in during the first six months of this year, compared to 63 in the same period in 2021.

Claire Wood who is a volunteer at the centre said: “Boris has clearly had a rough time trying to get by on the streets, but sadly it’s an all too familiar tale. This year we’ve seen a marked increase in unneutered cats coming into our care. Females of course produce litters of unwanted kittens, leaving already-stretched rescue organisations having to pick up the pieces.

“While he is now physically in much better shape, Boris’ mental scars are going to take a lot longer to heal, so our staff and volunteers are working hard to try and build up his confidence and trust.

“He’s making good progress; he’s much more friendly but understandably still a little wary and unsure at times. He’s allowed us to handle him and is starting to enjoy some head rubs. He also has the most adorable miaow which he will greet us with when we go into his pen to feed or fuss him.

“Boris may still look a little rough around the edges from his past escapades, but really all he needs is a family who will be patient and understanding and offer him TLC, regular meals and a warm bed – just the basic things that he’s most likely never experienced before.”

Boris is thought to be aged between three and five years old. He ideally needs an adult-only home, or one with calm, older children and he could possibly live with a friendly, neutered cat.

It’s not known how he would react with dogs, so staff think that a canine-free household would be the best option.

To find out more about Boris and the many other rescue cats at The Holdings, please visit the centre’s website where you can fill in an application form, or call 01905 821272.

The RSPCA urges owners to have their cats neutered from four months old to avoid unwanted litters ending up in rescue centres. Neutering prevents the risk of testicular cancer in males and reduces their instinct to urine spray, and fight other cats. It also lessens their chances of contracting diseases resulting from mating and fighting, such as FIV, and can help to prevent roaming and the risk of being run over.

For female cats, neutering reduces the risk of uterus infections, cervical, ovarian and mammary cancers as well as feline leukaemia and FIV.

Boris’ plight is typical of some of the jobs dealt with by the RSPCA’s frontline officers, particularly during the summer months. Reports of beatings, shootings, abandonments and poisonings rise during this time – prompting the charity to launch their Cancel out Cruelty campaign.

The RSPCA’s frontline teams are working hard to rescue animals in need this summer but they can’t do it alone – they need your help to Cancel Out Cruelty. To help support the RSPCA, visit: www.rspca.org.uk/stopcruelty

If you cannot donate, there are other ways you can help Cancel Out Cruelty, from volunteering with the RSPCA, holding a bake sale or fundraiser, or taking part in the #50MilesForAnimals challenge.

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