Katzenworld Cats Garden Party With the Necoichi Mount Fuji Bowl!

Hi everyone,

It’s me Rennie as the feature cat today! And I have ALL of my siblings with me to show off our raised food bowls from Necoichi. 😀

The particular bowl I am eating out of right now is the Mount Fuji Limited Edition extra wide bowl. A while back our humans wrote about why these extra wide bowls are essential to prevent Whiskers fatigue.

And this particular design is adorable! But not without food of course. 😉

Rennie: Now that looks better! 😀

Freya: Leave some for me…. 😮

Nubia: Guys, I think you are forgetting me! After all I am the oldest cat here and only have three legs… As it’s one of my front paws missing I especially LOVE these raised bowls as it means I do not have to bend down AT ALL. So remember your older cats and consider one of the cute designs available for the extra wide bowls.

Mactavish: Waaaah! Am I too late to the food party?!?

Mactavish: Luckily not! These are delicious. 😀

Renegade: *With mouth full* Of course the extra wide bowls are not the only designs and sizes available!

Renegade: They also come in large, regular and water bowls. Like this large food bowl that I am using with my sister.

Oliver: Did someone say food?

Freya: Uhm Oli…. there is a queue here… and we were here first…

Oliver: *Munching* Well I think you are at the back of the queue now!

Freya: Nooooo! Humans! Put out another bowl for us. 😀 And for you humans reading this post, head over to our blog shop where you can find the full range of bowls by Necoichi in all of the limited edition and classic paw print designs. Even better they are reduced in price until the end of August and you can get a further 12% off with the code Sakura.

Signed by,

Their Royal Meowjesties of Katzenworld

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4 thoughts on “Katzenworld Cats Garden Party With the Necoichi Mount Fuji Bowl!

    • Marc-André says:

      They are the best bowls ever. We only use these now. ?

      If you can’t find them in the US we can ship worldwide from the blog shop!

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