Here’s Johnny: Kitten Abandoned in Carrier Bag Finds His Fairytale Ending

After a tough start in life, one of Battersea’s smallest, yet most charismatic cats has found a new home and a second chance at life.  

Johnny, a four-month-old Domestic Short Hair, was sadly abandoned and found looking dishevelled inside a carrier bag in Battersea Park, London. 

A quick-thinking and kind member of the public scooped Johnny up and took him to Battersea, where staff sprang into action to help the bewildered kitten back to health, so that he could find a family of his own. 

Poor Johnny was just six or seven weeks old when he was found alone and hungry outside. He needed some medical attention when he arrived at Battersea, as he had a few patches of sore skin and an old wound on his tail. Thankfully, with the help of Battersea’s expert vets and a dedicated foster carer, Johnny was soon healing, growing bigger and his charming personality began to shine through.

Though currently small in stature, Johnny’s big presence makes up for what he lacks in size. He has transformed from a frightened, lost kitten who arrived at the much-loved charity down on his luck, into a confident young cat who now resembles a tiny bear cub. Johnny has become a lover of cuddles with his favourite people and endless games with his toys, though his first love will always be food.  

Roxy Mok, Johnny’s former foster carer, said:  

“Johnny is very affectionate. He would run to greet me at the door and meow for attention and cuddles while I was fostering him. He was a little worried at first, but I found that the way to his heart is his stomach. Johnny loves food, especially chicken, though he is not keen on sharing and will take his food off with him to eat alone when he thinks he might have to share. His table manners needed some improvement!” 

Where Johnny originally came from is a mystery and on arrival at Battersea, he had not yet learned how to socialise with people or play with toys, but once in the rescue centre’s care, Johnny enjoyed all the usual kitten activities, including playing and building bonds with his human friends.

After being in Battersea’s care for nearly seven weeks, Johnny finally got his happily ever after when he was rehomed to a loving new family home in Surrey.

Roxy added: “Johnny certainly proves that rescue is best. He is such a character and he and his new family are so lucky to have found each other. There won’t be a dull moment with Johnny around.”  

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