The Benefits of Raised Cat Food Bowls

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To celebrate summer we have a special on the Necoichi brand in our blog shop. Get 20% off with the code Summer until this Sunday! And thus we’ve decided to repost some of our bowl tips below.

Following on from our post a while back on the benefits of extra-wide bowls, we are today looking at the general benefits of raised cat bowls.

It is becoming increasingly popular to elevate cat bowls. But is there any real benefit to doing soDoes elevating a cats water bowl or food bowl make sense? The answer is yes!

And not just if you have a three-legged cat like our Nubia for whom it is generally easier to not have to bend down!

Of course, some cat owners choose elevated bowls just for aesthetics, but vets now recommend them to help prevent indigestion, vomiting, and strain in your cat’s back and neck.

Our brand of choice for our raised bowls is Necoichi – as they are made of FDA / EU / UK safety-approved porcelain that is also dishwasher and microwave safe they do offer the cleanest (and cutest!) way to elevate our cats’ food and water. 😀

Gravity helps move food from the mouth to the stomach when food is served in an elevated bowl. Because of this, elevated food bowls can also benefit cats who have eating or swallowing difficulties.

An elevated food bowl will help overcome the resistance of gravity, making it easier for your cat to swallow its food, regardless of whether it has a dental issue, neurologic issue, or an upper respiratory infection.

And let’s not forget about our golden oldies! Older cats that may suffer from arthritis find it much more difficult to bend down to the food bowl and let’s face it would YOU want to eat off the floor on all four? Nope! So why would we force our cats to do so!

Of course, we are not saying that you have to purchase one of our bowls but we would highly recommend that you avoid plastic or bamboo bowls as these can build up bacteria over time and their porous material makes it more difficult to clean them properly. Which can lead to problems such as feline acne.

But if you are happy to go for our top choice do check out our Necoichi brand section where you’ll find plenty of bowl designs from colourful dots, mount fuji, sakura to the classic paw print design. 🙂

Plus purchase the bowl tray at the same time with a selection of bowls and receive an automatic 5% off on the bundle which can be combined with our Summer discount code Summer for 20% off.



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