Purrsday Poetry: Luca the Feral Kitten By Rehana Perveen

Luca the Feral Kitten
By Rehana Perveen

The very first time when you looked at me,
I didn’t know you’ll keep visiting me;
Your innocent kitten eyes with sweet glance,
Your curious gaze from a safe distance;
All got me instantly in a therapeutic trance.

Even if it took you a while to trust me,
You finally feel very near and dear to me;
I can see how you get excited at my sight,
You show your joy by being silly and bright;
You run to grab a tree and climb the height.

Every breakfast morning is a treat for me,
I look forward to your love and feeling free;
The meaning of life becomes clear in mind,
With you in the nature, it is serenity I find;
Time with you Makes me gentle and kind.

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