5 Pawsome Tips When Looking to Adopt a Cat

Natures Menu has complied five important tips to consider this Adopt a Cat Month

– Tips aim to assist future cat owners in having the purr-fect transition into cat parenthood!

DATE: In honour of Adopt a Cat month, Natures Menu has shared five pawsome tips to help new cat owners shake off that ‘feline’ of new pet ownership anxiety. Adopting a furry friend is a purr-fect way to help the estimated 700,000 cats in the U.K that are in need of a loving companion[1].

Cats are curious creatures. They can sometimes require a vast amount of time to become comfortable in their new environment – especially those who may have had difficult times with previous owners. Melanie Sainsbury, Natures Menu’s in-house veterinary nurse, shares five top tips for adopting a cat and settling them into their new home.

Prepare Your Home for a Cat

Cats can be extremely territorial, which can make coming into a new environment quite daunting for them. In order to make that purr-fect transition for your cat, it’s important to provide a small, safe area with all the necessities (such as a litter box, food, water and toys) to ensure a comfortable first few weeks in their new home.

Give Yourself Time to Bond with Your Cat

Cats often require a lot of TLC, so it’s important to ensure time is set aside to spend with your cat in their first few weeks to allow a seamless transition into their new loving home. Bonding ensures that there is a high level of trust between you and your cat and therefore makes training a breeze!

Registering With a Vet

Registering with a vet as soon as you adopt a cat is a great way to guarantee they are flea-free and healthy. If you have any other pets in your household – this also avoids contaminating them too.

Use High-Quality Food

High-quality food is crucial in the growth and development of your cat and ensures they stay happy and healthy. Cats need a diet high in meat to help them grow and thrive. Natures Menu Especially for Cats is natural, high-quality food, offering an array of reported benefits – such as: better digestion, shinier coats, improved dental hygiene and better smelling poos.

Consider Your Financial Situation

Having a pet of any kind is a financial commitment and often costs may arise at moments you least expect. To ensure your cat is well cared for and can receive appropriate care, it is crucial to remain mindful of all costs, including vet bills, food, insurance and other essential expenses.

Natures Menu specialises in natural pet food made with fully traceable quality meats and fish, blended vegetables, fruits and healthy carbohydrates.

The recently launched Especially for Cats food range has proven to be very popular within feline feeding for its easy-open and sustainable can packaging; it recently moved from pouches to recyclable cans to help cat owners dispose of packaging responsibly.

For more information and to purchase products from the Natures Menu cat ranges, simply visit: https://www.naturesmenu.co.uk/.


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