Purrsday Poetry: The Prince of Tigers – A Cat Poem

The prince of tigers who knows how to stalk,
In pride and dignity the grizzly mouse,
That lurking thief of granaries, that louse:
Richard the Lionhearted you’re my hawk!

You make the fierce foe scatter, squeak and squawk.
You chastise them from tipsy mad carouse,
For those gray ruffians all sup and bowse
And batten on our batter, and jaywalk.

I know that any time I hear you meow
If I glimpse one crazed mouse that gnaws a meal,
I need not fear: you’re here, you are the law;
And you, my prince of tigers, you prove how
The minions of the devil skitter and squeal
At the stern touch of God’s majestic paw.

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2 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: The Prince of Tigers – A Cat Poem

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