The Comfort Cat in San Francisco

The following story was submitted by Mary C.

Holly lives in a crowded and noisy part of San Francisco, California.

I live in a quieter neighbourhood in San Francisco and when gone from home for a length of time Holly temporarily moves into the vacant studio apartment which is connected to my house. Holly also fell in love with my rescue cat, Big Pete. I do not mind that she has renamed that large sweet tabby Petey. I also try not to be jealous that their love is mutual, even though I believe cats are capable of loving more than one human at a time!

Holly recently finished 7 weeks of radiation therapy for throat cancer. When I picked her up at her apartment just prior to the end of that therapy to take her to a doctor’s appointment I was shocked by her extra thin body and grey skin. She asked me if she could stay in my studio apartment after her treatments because my neighbourhood is so quiet and it will help her recuperate. Of course, I said ok. We now call Big Pete, aka Petey the COMFORT CAT. He is glued to her 24/7 and even sleeps right next to her all night. Holly said that when she cries Petey quickly comes next to her out of concern. Cats are intuitive!

It has been 3 weeks since Holly has been here, and she has gained 3 pounds and already has her usual pink glow—thanks to the Comfort Cat.
I do miss having Big Pete spread on me in the mornings as usual when I sip coffee and catch up on the news, but I know he is performing an important duty as the COMFORT CAT.

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