Working Together, Changing Lives

By Street Cats of Vis

The saying “It takes a community to care for community cats” is so true, and we have a story to share with you today about a beautiful collaboration that changed the life of a cat named Spotti.

Spotti was found at Wellington, the Vis town dump, and it was clear from the start that she was special. Super friendly, purring all the time, craving human contact… she had obviously been abandoned, and there was no way we could leave her at the dump! We were soon able to bring her to the cathouse, our dedicated cat space, small yet big enough to host several cats at a time. We had her spayed and began cleaning her up and getting her ready for adoption.

Spotti loved the attention, and would cling to her caretaker, walking on her shoulders and all around her head, purring loudly. Our next challenge was to try and find this special cat a home. Being located on the island of Vis, in Croatia, we’re usually able to find some help amongst seasonal visitors, but it was winter when Spotti came to us, and the island was deserted. What to do?

Luckily, a poster we’d put up had attracted the attention of a late-season visitor a few months earlier, so we had a contact in Germany. This woman co-founded Deutsche Tierbotschaft, a German animal welfare organization, so we told them Spotti’s story and asked for help. We sent them photos, they put the word out, and eventually a match was made! Another friend agreed to fly Spotti to her new home, where she’s living her best life with a loving family and a feline friend.

We’re very grateful to our friends at Deutsche Tierbotschaft for their help in finding the perfect home for Spotti, and to our friend who offered transport. Every link in the chain is important, and Spotti’s life couldn’t have been changed for the better without all of us working together.

If you’d like to help us help cats, please visit our website, to see what you can do.

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