How Can You Help Your Pet Adjust to a New Climate?

Pet travel experts PBS Pet Travel have created a useful guide to help your four-legged friend enjoy trips abroad as much as you do!

With travel opportunities at their best for a few years now, more and more people are opening up to foreign holidays, travelling or even emirgrating. Latest govt figure show that 403,000 people left the UK to live abroad and that there were 23.8 million overseas visits by UK citizens by end of March 2020. With restrictions now more relaxed, those numbers are likely to increase.

How do you look after your pets though when you start this adventure?

Helping my pet adjust to colder weather

If you are moving to or are visiting a country colder than home you may need to consider a few things to make your little friend feel more comfortable.

Take shorter walks

When you first arrive, you and your pet will want to stretch your legs, great idea! To start with though, if you take your cat for walks, start with short walks. Too long out in the cold weather could cause injury and colds. The lower temperatures being something your little companion isn’t used to yet! Over time increase the level of walks but keep an eye out for shortness of breath or signs of them being unwell. IF you see this, contact a vet

Dress your pet appropriately

We all love to see our pets in cute costumes but when the temperature drops, it’s all about them feeling good-not looking good! Shop around for something that keeps them warm in the climate you are going to be surrounded by.

Incorporate indoor play

Sometimes, cats just wanna have fun! So find ways to keep the entertainment going inside. It promotes exercise, keeps them warm and staves off the boredom if weather outside is particularly bad! Look for fun and stimulating toys that let you interact with your pet!

Keep your pet dry

You will almost certainly be caught in rain, snow, sleet or hail at some point, just make sure your pet is dried off when you return. Snow is especially enticing to an animal that has never seen it before and could bring on a cold that takes a while to become noticable to you. Dry them off and let them settle down in their bed next to a suitbale heat source!

Create a suitable sleeping place

Your pet may love sleeping at the end of your bed-thats great! just be aware that in your new residence, that may not provide enough warmth! A banket, a pet bed and maybe even a pillow are all great to keep them comfortable and warm!

Helping my pet adjust to warmer weather

If you are enjoying time in the sun, just make sure your pet does too. A few simple tips will keep them happy and well!

Keep your pet hydrated

It sounds obvious but providing them with fresh cold water will stave off heatstroke and other ailments bought on by hot weather. Why not allow them the benefit of a shower with the garden hose!

Shorter walks later in the day

Sometimes the temperature is uncomfortable for you and your pet. Start walks later in the day to avoid the sun at its hottest. The lower humidity will also help keep your pet feeleing good. The longer you are in the area, the earlier you can make the walks as you all adjust to the new climate.

Limit exposure

Providing a shady area or simply limiting time exposed to the sun is always a great way to keep them comfy. Pets love to enjoy the outside, just make sure you have somewhere they can chill! They can get surnburnt too so invest in suitable animal sunscreen!

Protect from pests

Hot weather brings out all types of bugs and increases their reproduction! Don’t let your pet fall foul of the creepy crawlies.

  • Change your pets water supply regularly, bugs love to pollute drinking water!
  • Apply an animal safe insect repellant to your pet
  • Keep your living area clean and tidy- all types of bugs love to nest in cracks, holes and amongst clutter.
  • Time your walks-dusk and dawn are a common time for mosquitos

Brush their coat

Some pets have a very thick coat, regular brushing encourages a shed of the winter coat faster. They can then enjoy the sunny weather without a big thick coat and reduce the risk of heatstroke too!

PBS Pet Travel have been safely transporting animal across the world since 1989. Experts in the transportation of all types of animal, they are market leaders in the transit of your pets.

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