Nuggit’s 1st Birthday

Hello Katzenworld friends, and a BIG THANK YOU for all the birthday cards! For those of you that are new to the blog or may have missed it, Back in March I posted an invitation in my favorite cat blog  Katzenworld. The invitation was to celebrate Nuggit’s first birthday with us and for the readers to send cards. Katzenworld published the post March 8th.

A few days after the post (or a week later)  the cards started coming in. Before any cards from Katzenworld I was surprised when Nuggit got a card from! It included a coupon. I do like they send a card though that is nice. Petsmart just sends a coupon in an email. With the Coupon from Chewy I ordered her one of those pole toys with a few attachments. Ah here’s the name of it  Pet Fit For Life Interactive Wand Teaser, Toys & Storage Bag 8 Piece Bundle Cat Toy it comes with (2 feathers, a bright green ‘worm’ a mouse and a few other toys maybe one more to attach to the pole and others that don’t. all in a nice blue  drawstring bag to easily store away.)  When I was opening it for her, she had taken one of the feathers (didn’t give me a chance to give her a choice!) I took that from her,, then she took something else, I took that back and then she finds the ‘rope’ mouse (middle pic) snatches it and runs off like “You’re not taking this from me it MY present!”

Got her a fish kicker toy I found in the Dollar Tree, from Amazon a Rainbow Cat Charmer,(think Rhythmic gymnastics) and some treats.  A few days or so before her birthday she received a gift from my pen Pal Alisa (mom said she guesses that’s her godmother) a Backpack carrier (in that first picture, that looks crushed)  As soon as I opened it up, she was checking it out, went in it, was playing with toys in and around it and she slept in it! So definitely a great gift Meow! (I think that was a thank you)

Dawn and & Paul who sent in from the blog sent Nuggit a nice gift in memory of their kitty. Here she chose to play with the pink toy first (each one has a different expression on its face).

Minus the Card from Chewy, Aunt Mary, mom’s friend & from me… Nuggit received about 20 cards!   Which came from  Arkansas, Omaha Nebraska, Carlsbad and Fairfield California, Providence Rhode Island, Ohio,2 from Seattle Washington, 3 from Minneapolis Minnesota,  Rochester NY, La Grange and Grayslake Illinois, Johns Island South Carolina, Colorado Springs Colorado, Utah, a Postcard from France, If I count my aunt’s card One from Delaware, and My friend In Arizona (that sent the carrier). One of them even purrs. I will make a video of the cards. They will be posted on her Instagram @Fuzz_Nuggit (now to get writing her Thank yous)

YES we got her a Birthday day cake. (it was mom’s present ‘for her’ lol. It was a chocolate mousse cake and I’ll admit I may have been a little bit of a bad cat parent, but she was watching me eat it and a tiny bit of the mousse got on my finger so I let her lick it off. (It wasn’t straight chocolate and I don’t do that often with her)

I hope I didn’t forget to mention anything, and I hope you all had fun celebrating with us. Nuggit had her 1 year Check up on April 19th and we used the new carrier. Nuggit needs to lose a pound or 2 but aside from that has a clean bill of health. So I will try to keep her dry food cut back to a tablespoon at a time (either with or between meals).

a quick review on the carrier… I like it she likes to play around with it and sleep in it. I call it her igloo. I do however have a suggestion for the manufacturer to improve upon it.  It has a small backpack type hoop in the back to hang it from something, but there are no handles for when You pick it up, to put on your back. So kitty ends up falling forward when you pick it up to put on your back. There’s a strap to cinch around your chest and I think there was one for around the waist too. There are 3 zipper openings for easy in and out. (Bottom front, and top) It’s well ventilated and has a bottle holder with a small pouch for earbuds, money or some other small item

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4 thoughts on “Nuggit’s 1st Birthday

  1. Jen says:

    Mae Penblywdd Hapus chi’n cath hardd! Happy Birthday beautiful kitty! I love torties. (am sorry for the mistake)

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