Guest Cats: Nuggit’s First Year Party Invite

Hello everyone at Katzenworld!

I was trying to think of a special way to mark the occasion of Nuggit’s first year. The first thing that came to mind is our friends at Katzenworld; We love reading about, Oliver, Nubia & Rennie as well as the guest posts. So I thought what better way than to celebrate with all of you!!

While I might have called my previous cats my fur babies even though they were already a few months old when I got them. Nuggit ‘truly is’ my baby, as I had to bottle raise her!  I brought her home on April 7th 2021, and her vet noted in her records that her birthday was April 5th.  So I want to celebrate both her birthday and Gotcha day together.  With that…

I want to invite you to a fun online Celebration for Nuggit’s 1st Birthday!!! by way of a shower of birthday cards for Nuggit (and for those that might like to send a gift Nuggit’s Wishlist).

The cards can be store bought or hand made for those that like scrapbooking and cardmaking, hand drawn, painted etc. We love our fellow crafters and artists! The point is, for Nuggit to get loads of cards and we will share them with you in a future post. The point is for her to get as many cards as possible for her birthday. If you’d like they can be ‘signed’ by your pet or you and your pet.

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4 thoughts on “Guest Cats: Nuggit’s First Year Party Invite

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