Top 10 Tips For Creating The Purr-fect Relationship With Your Cat

Expert shares top tips for taking your relationship with your cat to the next level 

They’re one of the most commonly owned pets in the UK, but cats can often be seen as solitary creatures, but like any other pet our feline friends still need a bit of companionship and affection.

A cat’s feelings towards its owner are moulded by their owners’ emotions and personality. For those looking

to forge a deeper bond with their cat, here are Bella & Duke’s top 10 tips for strengthening the relationship: 

1.     Serenade them: Like humans, sound stimulates cats and releases positive endorphins. The likes of soft forest sounds and other calming music can be easily accessed on the internet and played in the background of everyday life or when they’re taking one of their many cat naps!  

2.  Indulge their sense of smell: scent communications in a cat’s environment can be both reassuring and allow them to communicate with other cats. Consider where appropriate, growing an indoor cat herb planter with herbs such as catmint, German chamomile, rosemary, or marjoram – these can all help to enhance their odour landscape within the home. 

3. Make sure they experience different levels of height: Cats love to be high up to rest and observe, so shelving or free-standing cat trees are great investments. Shelving on your wall with cosy boxes to investigate keeps them happy and relaxed. Make sure they stand firm and are well secured.  

4. Stretch it out: The likes of scratch posts, matts, and wall trees, allow cats to stretch out their muscles, de-stress and also socialise with other cats by keeping pheromone marks fresh.  

5.  Play games: Cats are hardwired to hunt so giving them the chance to play games with feathers, toys, or a flirt pole, will allow them to connect with their true nature of hunting. For the best experience, ensure you change speed, direction and drop the toy so they can exhibit the kill pounce and crunch!  

6. Keep your cat’s food varied: Everyone loves a balanced diet and cats are no different. Our range of cat food focuses on the quality of each and every single ingredient and is free from grains, fillers and preservatives. By feeding your cat healthy treats throughout the day, like our Supreme Sprats, will help keep their diets varied, as well as keeping them healthy and happy to build the perfect relationship.  

7.   Groom them regularly: A cat who licks and grooms you is one with deep affection. Repay this loving attention by grooming your cat regularly whether they are short or long-haired. Check their nails are being kept short for climbing and hunting. If they start to get stuck in materials, they may need to be trimmed to stop them from growing in on their paws. 

8. Treat them to a new bed and/or litter box: Cats are extremely clean animals so splurging on a self-cleaning litter box will mean your cat will not have to live in their own filth. Cats spend more hours asleep than awake, so depending on your cat’s personality, why not treat them to a bed that is extra plush.  

9. Refresh your cat’s water dish: Water is essential for your cat’s health and happiness. Make sure that you regularly change their water, so they are not consuming stagnant water.  

10. Let your cat take the wheel: It’s important to provide your cat with what they need as opposed to what you think they need. Pay attention to your cat’s ques and let that guide what you provide them. Perhaps individual litter trays may be more appropriate for your cats, or you notice it could be beneficial to have their food and water separated. The devil is in the detail, so notice the small things. 

Caroline Spencer, Animal Behaviourist from Bella & Duke said: “As with any relationship, the time you spend forging trust and love is key. Expect too much too soon and you lose out, you get frustrated and so will your cat. Always remember your cat has their own unique personality so be empathic and put zero pressure towards your cat to do or be what you want.” 

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