2022 Astrological Guide to Shelter Cats

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2022 Astrological Guide to Shelter Cats

(Disclaimer: These kitty horoscopes are for entertainment only. Every cat has their own distinctive personality. Please consult with your local animal shelter when deciding to adopt a pet.)

Capricorn (December 22—January 19). You won’t find any spilled litter or rumpled-up kitty blankets in this feline’s shelter housing unit. Even their toys may seem to be systematically arranged by size, color, or type. While the Capricorn would never appear at less their personal best, life in a shelter is hard for these industrious cats. There’s just not enough for them to do, and they can only groom their coat so many times in a day. The one thing that Capricorn kitties have going for them in the shelter is that they thrive on routine, but the up-and-down roller coaster of being taken to offsite adoption locations may also wear on this steadfast sign. Especially when they have to re-adapt to life in the shelter after a week or two at the adoption site. What you’ll need in a Capricorn’s furever home: It’s recommended for most cats you stick to the same litter and the same cat food/treats. This is doubly true for the Capricorn, as they are the cats least likely to weather any sort of change in their environment. Be cautious of rearranging the furniture unless you absolutely have to, and if you’ve moved it out of the way to vacuum or sweep, better put it back exactly where it was before! This kitty might show their distress by a series of (adorably!) plaintive meows until everything is put right. But don’t worry, once order is restored, they’ll delight you with their antics when you play fetch or hide-and-go-seek chase with them. Before you know it, you’ll be one well-trained pet caretaker in the paws of this responsible and dependable feline!


Aquarius (January 20—February 18). Aquarians are the deep thinkers of the feline world, and they may be the cats most likely to see into other dimensions and realms. As you walk by their housing unit, you may be drawn under the spell of their wise and knowing gaze. Even as kittens, they’re the old souls of the zodiac. Once you’ve brought this magical cat into your home, you’ll find them staring fixedly at something that’s invisible even to the other animal members of their new family. Everything is a matter for navel-gazing with these mysterious felines—from taking a nibble of their cat chow to deciding whether to curl up on your lap. What you’ll need in an Aquarian’s furever home: Most cats will need an adjustment period to settle into their new home, but this is especially true for these sensitive cats. They’ll benefit from perches from which they can view their new world in an exalted position. These cats can also be the most fiercely independent of the feline sign, so it’s best to respect their personal space. They decide when they want to interact with their caretakers, so be wary of approaching them when they have retreated to their safe space on high. Even if this chimerical feline seems to be enjoying your attention, don’t be startled when they decide to remind you who’s the boss. They just want to be reassured that you’ll love them no matter what.


Pisces (February 19—March 20). Even in the shelter, Pisces felines set the bar for being pampered. While all shelter cats receive the best possible care, you’ll find these divas laying claim to the softest bed, and the first at the food bowl. Still, life in the shelter isn’t the manner to which they feel they deserve, and they may be quiet and reserved in their housing unit. Until one of the staffers places this sweet feline on your lap, that is, and then it could be love at first paw-kneading for the both of you. Piscean felines will probably be best in homes where they’re your one-and-only, forever-and-ever soulmate. Their romantic sensibilities will settle for no less than that, mind you. What you’ll need in a Piscean’s furever home: Plenty of love and attention. But of course you’ll provide them with everything their cat-shaped heart could wish for, right? The most luxurious beds, the finest meals, and every type of toy they characteristically ignore in favor of their endless-seeming cat naps.


Aries (March 20—April 19). Cats born under the Aries sign probably had the roughest start to their lives, as they’re either abandoned, or are born into, a life on the street. At least until they’re TNR’d (trap-neuter-release) and become part of a managed feral cat colony. And there’s a good chance that these scrappy cats will fight their way into their colony caretaker’s heart, and their caretaker, in return, may start the process of socializing them and otherwise prepping them for a cushy life as an indoor-only cat. What you’ll need in an Aries’ furever home: Lots of toys to keep their street smarts sharp–the more interactive and engaging, the better. Wand toys, laser toys, toys that make noise or move, and interactive puzzle toys are all good picks. For each cat, it’s good to have one litter box, plus an extra one, and have them be in quiet places out of the line of traffic in the home. When bringing a former TNR cat inside, it’s better to have more boxes than is prescribed, and to keep them really clean. In addition, you may have to experiment with different types of litter and boxes until the cat decides which works best for them. Because former ferals may see their toys as prey replacements, avoid toys with dangling pieces they can tear off and swallow.


Taurus (April 20—May 20). Did someone say couch potato? Your newly adopted Taurian cat will barely flick an ear at the sound of your voice—unless it’s accompanied by the snick of a cat food can as it’s being opened. They’ll then be barreling into the kitchen with all the force of a furry torpedo, snarf down their food, and be trotting out to reclaim their favorite spot on the sofa before you could say “Here kitty, kitty.” While proper care should be taken in handling any cat, such as picking them up in a way so the cat (and yourself!) is not at risk for injury, Taurus felines are most open to being snuggled. In fact, anywhere they’re close to the members of their new family is fine by them. Heaven help you, though, when you have to leave the house to run errands. And forget closing any door in your house again, unless you’re prepared to get used to the most baleful meows coming from the other side of the door. What you’ll need in a Taurus’ furever home: Generally, if the Taurian cat hasn’t come into the shelter with a buddy, they will bond with at least one of their shelter mates, and it’s good practice not to separate cats when they’ve bonded with each other. Don’t worry, though, the Taurus feline will have plenty of love to share with you, too, and adopting their bonded cat buddy means they won’t be a nervous wreck at being left alone. Still, be prepared that your Taurian cat will have lots to say about being abandoned by the time you return home. Think of other things that could comfort your cat when you leave—cave beds can help them feel more secure, for example. Also, it may be a challenge to get your chonky Taurus to exercise or even take notice of its toys, so you may have to resort to portion control/timed feeders for your loveable but lazy couch potato.


Gemini (May 21—June 20). Gemini is the zodiac sign that best represents the quixotic cat nature. Potential adopters will walk by a Gemini feline’s housing unit, and be treated to an incredible display of affection from said feline—everything from rubbing desperately against the bars, chirruping like mad, and even reaching out between the bars to tug at the potential adopter’s clothing as they try to leave. Not to mention the desperate yowls if the adopter looks at any other cat. Once the potential adopter and the Gemini are together in the adoption room, however, the cat seems to forget the adopter even exists. They may yowl even more desperately to return to their housing unit, or blithely decide to “play the violin” while the adopter attempts to interact with the cat. It doesn’t really matter though, the Gemini feline knows the potential adopter has been hooked. This charming cat is confident of their ability to be everyone’s best friend, and they’ll get along with pretty much all other animals and even small children. What you’ll need in a Gemini’s furever home: The upside is that although it may be a high-energy cat, it rarely uses its claws or teeth in play. On the downside, inanimate objects are fair game. Gemini cat parents should probably childproof their home just as they did when their child was a toddler. Besides, who needs a plethora of toys for the Gemini to ignore when they have a ready supply of objects d’art to smash and an entire sofa to use as a scratching post? And it’s impossible to be irked at the sheer ignorance-is-bliss happiness of the Gemini feline, anyway!


Cancer (June 21—July 22). The Cancerian cat could have a tough time getting adopted. They’re the cats least likely to adapt to life in a shelter. There’s too much noise and commotion, and they tend to hide in the back of their housing unit. They may be wrapped up in a ball of misery, and who can blame the poor Cancer? Family ties are everything, even to the feline version of the Cancer sign, and, if they’d been abandoned by their former family, it may seem like the end of the world to this once loyal and trusting cat. It may take a special kind of cat lover to see past the spotlight-grabbing kittens and recognize the quiet, withdrawn, and oft-moody Cancer for the jewel it has the potential to be, outside of the shelter environment. What you’ll need in a Cancer’s furever home: Patience, understanding, a steady and undemanding stream of love, and even some keen intuition to read your potentially inscrutable Cancerian feline. Their toys will also be equally low key, such as a simple catnip- or valerian-filled pillow to bat around, or some catnip-treated scratching pads. The sensitive nature of a Cancer is best suited to a house without other pets or children, and they are fine with plenty of alone time.


Leo (July 23—August 22). While the Cancer cat may excel at avoiding the spotlight, Leo felines certainly don’t! They take center stage at the shelter, and quickly become the resident greeter or official mascot, often in a permanent capacity. They typically have unusual markings, which they know how to show off for maximum effect, and especially love to strike a pose for the camera. They are definitely not shy wallflowers, but they don’t need to resort to what they consider to be the undignified antics of the Gemini cats. These cats would certainly steal the show if they became the cat-in-residence at an elder care facility or even in a bookshop. They would thrive on all the extra attention, for sure! What you’ll need in a Leo’s furever home: It could be said that all shelter cats really need in their new home is plenty of love, fresh water, vet care, nutritious food, and a cozy window seat where they can curl up in the sun. But if there was ever a cat to splurge upon, it’s a Leo. For the cat’s physical and mental safety, it’s not recommended to dress a cat up in people clothes, but what’s to stop the doting pet parent from purchasing that royal canopy bed for the regal Leo to lounge upon? Or that cat tower that resembles a posh castle?—it’s perfect! Leos are the cats that are the least likely to hop into just any old cardboard box, unless it’s been gussied up with luxurious purple velvet, of course!


Virgo (August 23—September 22). Like the Cancer cat, modest Virgo felines are also prone to being overlooked in shelters, and they’re generally among the longest residents there. But they still try to keep their best paw forward, patiently waiting for someone to notice them. They know they have a lot to offer a pet parent, and they try not to give up hope as many of their more outgoing shelter mates get adopted. Luckily for the Virgo cat, the shelter staff also recognize how good-natured cats with the typical Virgo nature can be, and they don’t give up on this wonderful cat, either. They run special campaigns in order to give this shy Virgo the extra boost they need to be adopted. What you’ll need in a Virgo’s furever home: These cats are not only modest and patient, they are also very intuitive. They make good emotional support animals because of this—they can sense when their pet parent is having a bad day, and they are right there by their side. Because this feline is so giving, it’s also important to make sure they receive the same support in return. Virgo cats love to be pampered in their own way, with pet parents devoting regular time to brushing their cat’s coat to a silky shine, or by boosting their immune systems with pumpkin and other nutritional support. Virgo cats can be highly intelligent, and they love anything that they can do with their owners—yoga or impromptu dance sessions, for example. The feline Virgo even loves to paint with cat-safe paints and watch those lively cat videos with tweeting birds or scampering squirrels!


Libra (September 23—October 22). Remember all those online videos you see of cats swimming in the ocean or splashing around in a few inches of water in a tub? Ten to one, that cat’s a Libra! They’ll be the cat in the shelter that’s constantly overturning its water bowl, necessitating that the shelter staff has to refill its bowl several times a day. Not to mention drying off the Libra’s unhappy downstairs neighbour they may have soaked with the spilled water, or changing out their soaked towel/bed/litter box. Unfortunately, this means the Libra may have to live in solitary in their housing unit while they wait to be adopted. For all their mischievousness when it comes to water, however, they are gentle and loving cats. They maintain a kittenish playfulness and zest for life even into their senior years, without the kitten’s tendency for hurricane-strength swaths of destruction. What you’ll need in a Libra’s furever home: The Libra will love those running-water fountains to drink from, and they might be a more preferable option for the pet parent over having the cat drink out of the toilet bowl. Libran cats may even like to “chase” water from a low-pressure water gun, but avoid spraying or squirting the cat in the face or other parts of its body. Watch out, though, if you have an aquarium—the Libran feline will be drawn to it as, well, as a fish to water and that’s a recipe for disaster, for sure! Also be careful if you have a pool or other deep standing body of water nearby as the Libran cat may be tempted to get into it and not be able to get back out.


Scorpio (October 23—November 21). Like Virgo cats, Scorpios are also very smart. But it’s this wily cleverness of the Scorpio feline that can create problems for shelter workers. By the next morning, the clever Scorpio may have not only determined how to free themselves from their housing unit but a good number of their fellow cats, as well. They can figure out how to open everything from cabinets to refrigerators, so these cats will probably do better in a foster home situation rather than a shelter. Either way, these cats have such personality, even if it is a bit on the wicked side, that diehard cat lovers fall head-over-heels for these “naughty” and devious feline Scorpions! What you’ll need in a Scorpio’s furever home: In the old days, the Scorpio cat would be the quintessential indoor-outdoor cat, out raising hell on the cat highways and byways. But nowadays, things just aren’t as simple. There’s a lot more dangers that even a feisty Scorpion feline can’t survive. It’s not just dodging autos and getting into battles with other cats and wildlife, it’s pet thefts and poisonings and being shot at, or being subject to so many other horrible fates. And then there’s the impact free-roaming cats have on other wildlife. So, the Scorpio pet caretaker just has to accept that their house is now their cat’s, and their new interior décor consists of a gazillion cat toys, cat towers, cat walkways, puzzle feeders, and anything else the Scorpio cat decides it wants for itself. But the tradeoff is that nothing is more entertaining than watching the things your holy-terror cat gets up to; it’s better, and cheaper, then cable. Plus, the Scorpio pet parent may just have the latest TikTok sensation on their hands. Keep that camera at hand, and get ready for internet stardom!


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21). While here’s hoping the Sagittarian cat ends up in the safety of a shelter, they’ll be just as likely to pick out their perfect pet parent while out on the road. Whether it’s an accidental stowaway in a car engine or on a ship, this adventurous feline will have not only landed on all four feet, but they’ll soon be in the driver’s seat with their new family—hopefully without using up too many of their nine lives! The Sagittarius cat proves that home is where you make it, and they’d be a good companion for those who are always on the go, whether it’s by boat, camper, bicycle, or their pet parent’s own two feet. What you’ll need in a Sagittarius’s furever home: First and foremost, it’s a good idea to have every cat microchipped, whether on the road, or not, as well as a breakaway cat collar with tags and ID. Certain cats can be trained to be on a leash (please know that having a cat on a leash has its dangers) and can be trained to come when called, but there should be another method of safe containment, in case of emergency, or in case of travel by a means that doesn’t permit loose cats. Dog crates can be good options for the travelling pet parent, as they can be big enough for cats to move around in safely, yet also have room for cat beds and litter boxes, as well as travel bowls that can be fastened onto the side of the crates. Keep plenty of extra towels, as well as sheets to cover the cat crate, and have a smaller cat carrier for easy transport to a vet. Have an emergency pet medical kit at the ready, as well as a water purification kit, and other survival items like that. It’s not impossible to travel with cats, but, as with every other cat out there in the world, even Sagittarian cats have to be willing to go along for the ride!

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This playful kitty just stopped by to remind you to #AdoptDontShop!

(Photo courtesy of Canva.com)

Author: Willow Croft

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3 thoughts on “2022 Astrological Guide to Shelter Cats

  1. CatLadyintheCanyon says:

    I have a 2-year-old Scorpio traditional Persian kitty, and her behavior is a bit on the wicked side. She is into everything, loves to play “chase” and “tag” and loves being the very center of our universe. Reading her horoscope was quite entertaining! Thank you. 🙂

  2. Courtney Mroch says:

    I don’t know what my Mr. G’s sign us, but I have to say, I am a Virgo and could relate to that feline’s sign too! Another very clever batch of horoscopes, Willow!

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