Do Your Kids Love Cats?

You’ve surely noticed that many little ones, whether they be your children, nieces and nephews, grandkids, or neighbors down the street, have an keen fondness for cats. Starting at a young age, babies and toddlers can’t help but find the little mews and soft touch of a kitten’s tail to be irresistible. You probably remember your own first encounters with cats, don’t you? They are probably some of the sweetest memories you have…

Apart from the cuteness factor they have in common there’s no doubt that both children and felines make us laugh in quite similar ways. There’s something familiar about the cats zipping through the house, and knocking over food bowls, that might remind you of kids scattering their clothes and toys all over the place. Plus, the cheeky way that felines and the little humans both give you that “I’m not in trouble, am I?” pulls on the heartstrings as well as tickles the funny bone.

Overall, we’d say that those who love cats have a great sense of humor. Well, you’d have to, to put up with some of your kitties’ shenanigans! Our feline friends do certainly provide many smiles and much laughter… We only have one life to live after all (unless you’re a cat), so we should spend it laughing our socks off.

Books can draw two people together in conversation, and sharing jokes bonds us to each other in an equally special way. And there’s no better way for children to connect with the older generations than with a silly joke they can share together. What’s more, aren’t most of us looking for ways to get the younger generation hooked on books and reading? Bearing all of this in mind, author Seamus Mullarkey decided to compile a book of the craziest cat jokes out there, carefully screened to be family friendly and appropriate for a younger audience. Crazy Cat Jokes for Kids is filled with all our favorites: good, clean jokes, engaging riddles, and hiss-terical puns, tantalizing “Would You Rathers?” combined with some charming illustrations. It’s designed to be the ideal gift for the junior cat lovers in your life, and would be especially great for birthdays. We’re sure it’ll be appreciated whatever the occasion might be…

This laugh-inducing little volume contains over 250 witty jokes, riddles, and ‘would-you-rathers?’ in six different, tantalizing categories. Even the “expert joker” will be taken by surprise with so many special cat cracks they surely have never heard before! A light-hearted icebreaker for birthday parties and other family gatherings, it’s also great to keep busy little minds occupied on long car journeys. Overall, Crazy Cat Jokes for Kids is an ideal addition to any household looking to have more cat-inspired laughter around–without needing to buy another litterbox or deal with any more scratched up sofas!

Who knows? You might even be tempted to read it yourself! We won’t judge you if you do. After all, aren’t we all kids at heart! Crazy Cat Jokes for Kids is available on Amazon later today (8th of Feb 2021).

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