Squirrel Chasing Cat Spends Three Days Stranded in oak tree in Ellesmere

Rascal Ruben rues the day he chased squirrels

The 18-month-old ginger cat is now feline fine again after spending three days stuck up a 30 foot oak tree in Shropshire

The RSPCA and Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service came to the aid of a stricken cat who spent three days stuck up a huge oak tree in the wind and rain.

Ruben’s owner, Amanda Holland, had tried in vain to coax her pet down from the tree near her home in Kenwick Springs, Ellesmere, after he ran up it in pursuit of squirrels.

Becoming increasingly concerned for Ruben’s welfare, Amanda called the RSPCA and inspector Nayman Dunderdale attended the scene.

Unfortunately, he was unable to reach the cat, who could be seen nestled in a crook about 30 feet up.

Nayman got in touch with the fire brigade and one of the officers from a retained crew at Ellesmere managed to get hold of Ruben, who was put in the RSPCA inspector’s basket before being reunited with his relieved owner.

Mrs Holland, who had been searching local fields for her cat before hearing him meowing from the tree, said she was grateful to everyone who had assisted in the rescue, which took place on 19 October.

She said: “I was quite surprised to find Ruben in the tree, but he most likely went up there chasing squirrels. He’d been stuck for three days and two nights in terrible weather and I really don’t think he would have lasted much longer. He was in a very precarious position and was just too scared to move from the crook of the tree and come down by himself.”

Nayman added: “The weather in the area had been windy, cold and rainy at times, so it would have been an extremely unpleasant experience for Ruben. I’m sure he was very relieved to be back in a nice warm house and maybe this experience will make him think twice about scaling that height again!

“As ever, we are extremely grateful to the fire service for their support at incidents like this and the care and compassion they show towards animals who need our help.”

Station Manager James Bainbridge, from Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We’re glad we were able to help reunite Ruben with his owner, Amanda, who was understandably concerned for his welfare. Myself and the Ellesmere crew were pleased to work with the RSPCA once again and see this incident have a happy ending.”

In the vast majority of cases, cats are very capable of getting themselves down from trees, so unless there are special circumstance like Ruben’s, the RSPCA always advises owners to try and coax their pet down with strong smelling food like fish and if that doesn’t work to call back after 24 hours.

The charity can request the help of the fire and rescue service, but it is entirely up to them whether or not to attend. Some crews use animal rescues for training, but emergencies involving people will always take priority.

In some cases crews attend to minimise the risk of members of the public attempting to carry out rescues themselves and potentially putting themselves in danger.

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit our website or call our donation line on 0300 123 8181.

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