Street Cats of Vis – 2021 Charity Work Recap

Please note that this article contains one photo that might be distressing for people.

Article written by Street Cats of Vis:

It takes a community to care for community cats, and Street Cats of Vis is slowly building that community, one conversation at a time.

Street Cats of Vis is a small, all-volunteer project on the island of Vis, in Croatia. Our goal is to help people help cats, and the way we do this is by being visible, talking to people who show interest in the work, and encouraging them to join us in whatever ways they’re able. Even small things add up to make a big difference!

This is Liz Haslemere of VISual Arts (, originally from the UK but now a full-time resident of Vis. She adopted these two adorable kittens that we rescued and fostered. Rescuing, fostering and re-homing continue to be a large part of our work, and we’re happy to say that 2021 was very successful in the rehoming department.   

One of this year’s most shocking rescues came in the form of a blind black kitten we call Bea. She was found wandering in a field, alone and crying. Both her eyes were so badly damaged that they couldn’t be saved, so Bea is our second blind black kitten rescue. Our first was Ladybug, rescued in 2020. She’s now living her best life in her forever home in Austria.

Here’s a before-and-after of baby Bea.

The other big part of our work is colony care. Altogether, we feed around 37 cats on a regular basis. These colonies are mostly stable: all cats are as healthy as can be, spayed or neutered, and all have good winter shelter. Monitoring the colonies allows us to see new arrivals and catch them for spaying or neutering before they begin breeding, and to take care of health issues as needed.

If you’d like to support our work, there’s no better way than to order one — or more — of our 2022 calendars! The calendar is A4 vertical, with a black spiral binding along the top. Calendars cost 90 kunas each (around 10 GBP), plus postage. Payment can be made by bank transfer or via credit card through PayPal or on our website. Please wait until your postage is calculated to make the payment: we’ll be in touch!

To reserve your calendar(s), please fill out the order form here: 

Thank you, as always, for your support!

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