Guest Star Cat: Don’t go Sailing Without Your Biscuits!

We have been sailing with our beautiful cats for over 13 years. They love coastal cruising and are famous around the south coast of the UK, various ports and pubs know exactly each of the cats by name upon our next return.

This started as we live in the inner city and kitty had to be trained on a harness when we lived in a small house near a road. She was desperate to go outside, so we decided to take her sailing. I was not sure about cats and water; yet Snickers took to it as an old sea cat. It is amazing when we return to a location they have previously sailed, cats on deck and noses out scenting the fresh sea breeze. She actually would run back to get back onboard when it was time to go home, preferring to stay onboard.

Seal spotting and cozy sunset nights in the backwaters are one of their favourite pastimes. Amazingly, the time of year and temperature does not phase them from joining us onboard. Each time we leave home, it is their decision whether they wish for us to put their harness on for the next big adventure at sea.

Their efforts and hard work on board are paid off with a trip to the pub for fish, chips and mushy peas (yes Snickers likes mushy peas!). They are always kept on harness and led, if we have a few drinks normally they now the way back to the boat and led us there. Skillfully jumping from the dock onboard to argue over who gets to a favourite stowaway for evening sleep first. It is amazing how much all of our little biscuits get along in close confines onboard.

Snickers is the most brave cat of them all. She has raced local races, Ramsgate week, and even competed in Cowes Week 2021. We are very proud of their courage, brave sea log and continuous support on our sailing adventures. The mural in East Cowes near the ferry port is a reminder of Snickers courageous IRC class 1 sailing efforts.

NIbble, agile and skilled sailors, the cats love sailing and the very safe adventures lying before them. We have only travelled UK waters with our sailing cats, yet we look forward to many more safe travels and journeys at sea. Well known and loved by sailors on the Blackwater Estuary.

Tente Forte sailing biscuits: Snickers, Terry, Oreo and BonBon.

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