Guest Cat Star: Haakon’s Story

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Please find below a guest story by Marie:

Haakon was my first adopted and oldest cat who initially came to me as a foster cat. I knew he would stay with us before we met him as I had a ghost of a black cat that followed me for years but then stopped a year before Haakon arrived. His original foster carer only had him for one week but she was unable to keep him as he did not get along with her resident cat.

When he first arrived, Haakon seemed to be on edge, he was very quiet (he would not meow) and seemed unsure of his surroundings that it took longer than usual for him to settle in. He had a bad experience as a kitten and it had scarred hime emotionally, although I don’t know the full story only that a young male had treated him badly.

He has since mellowed to become a smoochy loyal cat and we have a special, unique bond. We all call him the godfather as he keeps the younger cats in check – he also lets us know when it is tea time and he always eats first. Haakon is very intelligent, he listens to you and knows when you are talking about him. He is very smart and independent, has great hunting skills (to my dismay) but I have saved many small animals (frogs/lizards) and become adept at catching mice with my hands.

He is happier doing his own thing, (hanging out in the woods opposite my home or chasing his friends) but when he wants company, he will lie next to you. However he remains wary of males and anyone wearing hoodies.

Haakon is very fond of my daughter and will hang out in her room when she is home. He also loves to get human attention when I am online – he regularly steals the limelight by his curiosity at what I am doing. Haakon is now making new friends in the neighbourhood; many a cat has come by looking for Haakon to play with at all hours.

His favourite chair is at the front of the house, both for sleeping in and where he can keep an eye on all the comings and goings on our street. Haakon sleeps in very strange positions that my daughter and I regularly take photos – he usually has his legs in the air!!

If you look up his name, Haakon has Viking origins and they used to bring cats with them on their boats when they travelled – I can imagine Haakon doing just that 🙂

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