Guest Star: Peanut the November Rescue Cat

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story by Barbara about her cat Peanut:

One chilly morning four years ago in the middle of November, I was walking to my mailbox, when I met a neighbor for the first time. I never saw her before and we talked a little bit. She then, out of the blue, tells me about this cat that has been outside trying to get into her condo. He was very friendly and desperate for a home. She told me she couldn’t take him in because she has a dog that hates cats.

I was no longer in a position to take in anymore cats. Because of my health, I could no longer work and financially I was afraid I could no longer afford any animals. But I told her to bring him over because I knew the winter was coming and I was sad and worried that the cat would not survive the cold.

My neighbor brought him over to my place. He was skin and bones. I had to take him in.

I had given all my cat equipment and food to the Pet Shelter and I really didn’t have the funds at this time to replace the equipment and food.

He was so lovable and you could tell he really wanted a home. I named him Peanut.

The next day, I went to the store to check my lottery ticket and for the first time, I won $500.00. I never won anything that big in my life. I was able to buy him everything he needed plus toys. And after telling the story to my friend, he made sure I had enough money to feed him.

I’ve had this cat for four years now. He is so smart and lovable…more so than any of my other cats including the two from the earthquake. I know we get Spiritual help because there was no way I could have afforded him at that time. Actually, I’ve had other spiritual magic in my life, but that’s another story.

I don’t know what I would have done without Peanut during these past lockdowns because of the Covid19 virus. I haven’t seen my family in more than a year. I would have been so lonely if it wasn’t t for my cat.

He sleeps with me by putting his head on my pillow and stretches his body next to me. I think he thinks he is my husband. He loves when I tickle him.

I am so grateful to have him in my life. The best gift given to me by God and my Angels…..of course besides my children and my life.

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