Freya: Fish Hunting Time With the 4cats Classic Cat Wrestler

Hi everyone,

It’s me Freya here today! As you can probably tell from the photos these were taken on one of those rare sunny days here in the UK and my humans decided that outside is just as good as inside for some fun time with the 4cats Classic Cat Wrestler.

I especially love the fishes on this particular wrestler. 😀

The Cat Wrestler is nice and big so that we felines can dig in fangs and claws! 4cats of course uses high-quality canvas-like cotton material to ensure it withstands all the biting and shredding. 😀

While being sturdy… it’s also light weight so I can lift it with my paw for some extra fun. 😀

Or…. some cat aerobics. 😉

And weither with all paws…

Or upsidedown, this wrestler is sure to be a hit with us felines. 😀

4cats – Classic Cat Wrestler With Catnip or Valerian

In addition to my purrsonal favourite the colourful canvas material we now also have these available in a Christmas addition! So ask Santa Paws to put them on your wish list. 😀

4cats – Christmas Cat Wrestler With Catnip or Valerian

Or if you are pampered like my brother Renegade… there is also a premium version with tassles available. 🙂


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4cats – Premium Cat Wrestler With Catnip or Valerian

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