Revolutionary new ‘Concierge’ Cat Food Arrives – From Republic of Cats

Cat heaven is made in Republic of Cats: 

revolutionary new ‘concierge’ cat food arrives

There’s a new cat food revolution happening and it’s becoming something of a cult amongst happy felines and their ‘humans’.  

Designed by expert animal nutritionists, Republic of Cats offers a new concept in cat food. It works with owners to create bespoke dry and wet food menu plans for each cat’s individual nutritional needs based on their health goals and their own personal, very selective tastes. It is then delivered in sustainable packaging, right to the door.

Customers are flocking to TrustPilot and the Republic’s buzzy social media community to report happier, healthier cats in just 30 days (with less whiffy poos too).

The brand is the upstart younger sibling of, which successfully pioneered tailored nutrition for dogs. Republic of Cats has been created by a team of entrepreneurial renegades who have ‘feline obsessive’ running through their DNA. They really ‘get cats’ – they know each one is a complete individual, with distinct tastes and health needs. They knew tailored nutrition absolutely had to exist for cats, but it would need a radically different approach. After many long nights and furtive weekends of brainstorming and planning, Republic of Cats was born.

Ele Hacheme, cat nutritionist and animal science expert at the Republic adds: “The Republic’s concierge service is uniquely tailored to ensure that both cats and their humans are looked after, every step of the way. It’s becoming clear that the UK has a burgeoning cat obesity crisis – the Republic of Cats is helping to fight this with perfectly calibrated portion sizes. All our recipes are also balanced and complete, packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and more.”

In co-curating menu plans, owners identify what they’d like for their cat, whether a healthier-looking coat, help with joint or skin issues, losing or even gaining weight – or managing particular health issues. The Republic then designs the optimum mix for them.

Each cat’s menu comprises his or her own scrumptious personal dry kibble blend (from the Ministry of Crunch), plus a selection from eight delicious wet food recipes (from the Ministries of Gravies & Stews; Shredded Pieces and Pâté). All dishes have been intensively tested by the Republic’s crack squad of cat tasters.

Flexibility is key when it comes to cat palatability – account features allow feline ‘citizens’ to pick each month’s recipes, depending on their taste or mood changes and to ensure they’re never bored at mealtimes. Deliveries are easily altered and The Department of International Relations, AKA customer support, is on hand to help online, via phone and WhatsApp too.

Sustainability is also central to everything the Republic does – all packaging is 100 per cent recyclabl

e. Already serving up over 500,000 meals per month it has already saved over 4 million pouches from going to landfill. All food is sourced from the UK and/or EU to minimise its carbon footprint and the Republic’s recipes celebrate ‘nose to tail’ eating, meaning all cuts are used – and no food goes to waste.

Republic of Cats subscription boxes are delivered monthly (addressed to the four-legged recipient), at a time to suit.  An initial taster pack (28 meals, worth an average of £15 for just £5) allows them to decide which elements they like best. The average box price costs around£30 for 30 days and delivery is free. The service can be cancelled at any time.

This concierge service also offers mouthwatering Charcuterie Treats at £3.50 per pack and litter at £7 per pack.

Republic of Cats can be found at:, and on social media: and

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