How Your Pet can Save Your Life

MedicAlert’s Pet Tag provides peace of mind to pet owners with pre-existing medical conditions 

It’s no secret that pets add to our quality of life, and pet ownership has even been linked to better overall happiness and health.

Owning a pet is proven to enhance fitness levels, relieve stress and even improve mental and heart health. But, alongside the clear health and social support benefits, pets can also save your life in an emergency, thanks to the Pet Tag from medical ID charity MedicAlert which alerts others that its owners have pre-existing medical conditions.

For the 1 in 3 in the UK living with a medical condition (such as diabetes, epilepsy or even allergies), ensuring that we will receive appropriate care if the worst does happen is a constant concern. MedicAlert’s wearable IDs provide your vital medical information to first responders so you can be sure paramedics know the best course of action in an emergency if you are unable to communicate for yourselves. Their 24/7 emergency line then provides access to your nurse-checked full medical record, to support treatment and care.

And now pet owners and those with assistance animals have an extra layer of protection, with MedicAlert’s Pet Tag. Its engraving, ‘My owner wears a MedicAlert ID’ alerts those first on the scene to the ID bracelet or necklace worn by their owner, offering a solution for those often out and about with their pets so they can live life to the fullest with additional peace of mind.

MedicAlert Pet Tag – £13.95.

The Pet Tag should be worn on your pet’s collar or harness, supporting your own MedicAlert ID jewellery, and acts as an extra point of protection when you are off exploring with your pets. The tag comes with a standard engraved message saying ‘My owner wears a MedicAlert ID’, directing first responders in an emergency to check your ID jewellery, worn on your pulse points, containing your medical information.

If your pet or assistance animal runs to get help, those first on the scene will know to look for a medical ID tag before they even get to you. The tag is designed to be worn on your pets’ harness and collars but can even be added to horses’ bridles, so those who love to hit the riding trails needn’t worry about getting the essential help they need should the worst happen.

The Pet Tag can be found on the MedicAlert website and is available alongside a MedicAlert membership and medical ID.

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