Guest Star Cat: Mokie

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story from jd:

This is my cat “mokie”. He is 1/2 siamese, 1/2 maine coon, age 12. Mokie
is a rather reserved, no-nonsense, yet friendly quadruped.

Originally arrested by the police and remanded to the twin city no-kill animal shelter in lead, south dakota for “rehabilitation”.

Mokie had been under the care of the ladies who run the shelter for several months before i received him. they told me Mokie is an outdoor
cat. That quickly became apparent in the first few weeks at his new residence.

I live on a ranch in the black hills of south dakota. Mokie immediately took to his new surroundings.

Mice seem to be an integral part of ranch life. i soon became aware of Mokies expert hunting prowess, as i found 5 examples of his work one morning.

Ok – that’s the set-up, now here’s my story…

On most good-weather mornings i’ll have my coffee out back of the house. One morning i observed mokie “playing” with one of his late-nite victims. As i was setting up my chair and small table, i set my wide-mouth coffee Cup on the table. Mokie was flipping the remains of mr. mouse. I was unaware of his close proximity to my coffee. the inevitable happened. Mouse airborne into coffee cup. my only regret…i did not snap a pic of the event. Of course mokie was quite proud of his acquisitions, as was I. To date his rodent eradication program has netted 66 unfortunates.

Incidentally, no sign of mice in the last two years!

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