Kuzumu Cat – Both Sister and Milk Mother

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story from Kuzumu

Hi everyone! I’m Kuzumu.

My Family Photo

I was  born in 2017. I have two little twin boys and a big daughter (She treats her brothers like their mother). We live with our owners in our garden house. Our owners (they are our family) have been living with cats at home for more than 40 years and feeding cats and dogs on streets. They are a true animal lover. They see us not as toys but as part of their live and family as it’s supposed to be.

In 2016, our owners had found my mother on the street and took her into their home when she was very young and when she was about to freeze on a very cold and snowy winter day. I was born in 2017 with a brother, unfortunately, first my mother and then my brother died in 2018. Our owners do not spay us in order not to interfere with our natural life. My two boys and a girl triplets were born in 2020, unfortunately the boys suddenly fell ill, we couldn’t cure them and they died when they were 6 months old. I have my big brown daughter left, I took good care of her (she looks older than me now). I don’t give my children a special name, you can give them any name you want. In April 2021, my twin boys were born. Meanwhile, my daughter became pregnant. A few months later, while I was waiting to become a grandmother, my daughter’s baby had died due to premature birth. She and I were both very upset. Later, she has started to treat her brothers like their mother. She plays games with them and cleans them all the time. Later, my daughter has started to breastfeed her brothers when my milk is not enough. Veterinarians say this is normal, so I don’t prevent it from upsetting her.

I and my babies

My daughter breastfeeding her brothers

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4 thoughts on “Kuzumu Cat – Both Sister and Milk Mother

  1. floridaborne says:

    If, like you, people are willing to raise the moms, sisters, brothers, and grands, it is not my place to judge.

    When my better half came to live with me, he brought with him 40 mostly feral cats. I watched premature kittens gasp for air, and cried for the grieving mothers. The cat fights were horrendous. At one point, people moved into a house near us and started trapping the cats. We had a meeting and came to a compromise. They agreed to let the tame cats go and just have the feral cats taken to the pound. The only other alternative would have been that all the cats would be taken away. I managed to get the remainder spayed and neutered. All the fighting and spraying stopped and the cats that remained lived a comfortable life as inside/outside cats.

  2. Ginger says:

    It seems that early death for the kittens might be due to inbreeding or just ill health. IMHO it would be humane to spay the females so at least they are spared from any more pregnancies and it ill allow them to live longer. But maybe the owners can afford spaying and neutering. I keep my step brother boy kitties inside and they are both neutered, up to date on their shots, dental care, etc. It’s expensive, I know but they are all I have for children. I pray that these cats have long healthy lives. I would be afraid to let my cats outside as there are critters that would harm them as well as the deer ticks from the deer. Also, my house is set back from the road but it is a fairly busy road and I don’t want them to be in an auto accident. I pray for you and your kitties to be happy, healthy and safe.

  3. April King says:

    Is it Against Nature to Spay/Neuter Animals?
    Domesticated animals are not part of nature, but a man-made aspect, as is the suffering endured both by domestication and overpopulation. Buddhism does not support the domestication of animals, or even the keeping of pets. However, now that they have been domesticated, humans have a responsibility to care for them.

    Humans have a responsibility to not just let them live, but let them live well and not cause further suffering. To allow dogs/cats to reproduce without limit is irresponsible, and will only lead to more suffering. As well, to develop the cities we now live, we’ve deforested nature and therefore caused a loss of habit for these animals. This has lead to both lack of food, and the ability to produce at faster rates, leading to uncontrollable overpopulation.


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