RSPCA Canterbury Branch Seeing Influx of Cats and Kittens as Lockdown has Ended

The branch in Kent has seen an influx of cats and kittens coming into their care

The RSPCA Canterbury and District branch is caring for four abandoned kittens as the charity sees an influx of cats and kittens coming into its care.

Four ginger kittens were abandoned in a taped up cardboard box and found by a member of the public in Bracondale Road, Abbey Wood, London, on Tuesday, 3 August.

They are now in the care of the Canterbury branch where they are receiving some much needed TLC.

Natalie Archer, funding manager at the RSPCA Canterbury branch, said: “Over the last few weeks, we have seen an influx in cats and kittens coming into our care as everything has opened up again now that the Covid restrictions have been lifted. We have seen quite a lot of abandoned cats recently and the worry is that a lot of people who bought pets during the pandemic may now be struggling to care for them as they have gone back to work. Or perhaps litters of kittens have been born as owners could not get their cats neutered due to vets needing to prioritise emergencies.

“We have also been temporarily boarding cats for people who have sadly been evicted from their homes as the covid restrictions which meant landlords could not evict their tenants has now come to an end too.”

During the lockdown, Google searches for ‘Kittens near me’ saw a 667% increase in July 2020 compared to the previous year.

The branch currently has 41 cats in its care including the four ginger kittens. They have been named Chase, Marshal, Rubble and Rocky and will not be available for rehoming just yet.

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