Purrsday Poetry: Bye Bye my Eldest Angel, Baby Bootsky Boy!

My dearest dancing darling little loon,
My Sneaker Socks has left us late last night
With one last soft sweet sigh breathed into light:
He’s swept up to the stars, that all are strewn

Like diamond fireflies, alive as June,
All glimmering miracles, forever bright !
Now only angels see him with clear sight:
He’s gained his wings; swept off beyond the moon.

Ethereal he plays so light and lithe:
He’s moved into all merriment and mirth
Beyond our seas of tears, my snow shoe boy,
And glided sadly off into the blithe.
He dozed upon my chest right past his birth
And did the same last night, to heaven’s joy.

So now he’s gone to join his litter mates
Who’ve waited, with wide patience, for his views
On leaps and laughter with his blissful mews,
In patience long they’ve missed him! How love waits !

Now he can prance eternally ! He sates
His sapphire gaze upon the dawning dews
And, glorious as a dream, he now pursues
All luna moths to shooting stars ! He sates

His gorgeously adorable long years
With joyous angels and besotted saints:
They love to see him leap in blessed truth
Beyond our mortal seas of endless tears.
Hush !!!… There !!!!! …. See where that constellation faints ?
Our ancient kitten’s earned eternal youth !

Author notes

He passed on peacefully around 4:30 in the morning, over twenty years old, my PUSSinsky Nedzelnitsky BOOTSky Boy. Alas, beloved angel he’s currently laid out in state, in his favorite sweater awaiting the grave.

Copyright 2021, Anissa Nedzel Gage, All Rights Reserved
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