Achieve Work-Life Balance As Cat Parent With Pluto Square

The pandemic has blessed pet owners with more time with their furry friends, thanks to the WFH (Work from Home) setup. This supports the overall wellbeing of a pet owner, and this should also be a mutualistic relationship. We had the opportunity to speak with the folks over at PLUTO, who are passionate about leveling up pet healthcare through thoughtfully designed products, regarding achieving work-life balance while being a terrific pet owner.

The Purr-fect Litter Box And No Scooping With Pluto Square

Wouldn’t it be life-changing if there was Roomba designed to pick up after felines? PLUTO makes this a reality with their flagship product Pluto Square, the Modern Cat Litter Cube. This innovation features an industry-first stepper and canopy, weight and safety sensors, and a sieve & drop for ultimate odor control. It also features an iOS and Android app to monitor cats’ habits and comes in an IKEA-worthy build with five color variants: Persian Gray, Jurassic Mint, Salmon Pink, Mustard Yellow, and Camel Beige.

Pluto Square is available for pre-order via Kickstarter and early backers will get this at a limited discounted rate of $189.

Old and Bulky into Sleek & Safe

Litter boxes need not be bulky! Pluto Square fits beautifully in the corner of any space and comes with an array of features that places the feline and owner first. Its industry-first stepper and canopy eliminates odor, splash, and prevents dust from litter cleaning. With a canopy in place, felines no longer need to go to the dark side. Providing owners peace of mind that results in less stress and no mess. Be it newborn kittens or a big cat, Pluto Square is spacious enough to accommodate cats of many shapes and sizes.

Remove An Item From The Daily Chores

Pluto Square traps odors in so no one smells the litter. Owners simply need to pull the bottom part and lift the litter bag out, slide a new bag in and push the bin in place only once a week. Cross another task off the daily chores list and have more time to bond with your furry friend! Pluto Square will also have a slot for disinfectant/deodorizer inside the waste drawer, Pluto SABRE is an ‘ampule type’ stick that eliminates animal odor and effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms.

One App To Track It All

PLUTO is passionate about leveling up pet healthcare and the needs of felines as well as their owners. Haemin Yang, CEO, mentions that: “Identifying cats’ habits is the baseline to understanding their health. The little changes in their routines may indicate something bigger. We listen closely to all our customers and have implemented valuable feedback received during the production of Circle Zero to make sure that Pluto Square meets the highest standards.”

Feature Highlights

  • Square shape
  • Open type entrance
  • Whisper quiet cleaning
  • Anti-splash stepper
  • Anti-dust canopy
  • Once a week litter change
  • PLUTO SABRE add-on
  • Available in five colors: Persian Gray, Jurassic Mint, Salmon Pink, Mustard Yellow, and Camel Beige.


PLUTO was established in 2018 in South Korea and focuses on pet-tech products that combine convenience, functionality, and design. The products are designed in-house. The company is already known in the EU and North America and is now planning a worldwide launch.

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1 thoughts on “Achieve Work-Life Balance As Cat Parent With Pluto Square

  1. floridaborne says:

    I loved this idea and looked it up. It’s on Kickstarter. The cats using it are half the size of my coon cat and it doesn’t look like there would be much room for him to “do his business.” Will there be a larger size made for coon cats?

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