Purrsday Poetry: The Bliss of Old Tile Roofs, or Words to the Wise

“I love old timey neighborhoods! I find
More creature comforts, I will have mew know.
I’ll teach mew kind life lessons, safe and slow:
In this one, kitten, the sunbathing kind !

Yes, I’m black too: we both don’t have a home.
You’re very young indeed. We’ll hunt one down !
I’l guide mew later to that part of town
Where we can dine like czars in ancient Rome.

Coal, there’s a lovely patch of catnip there,
A cozy dryer vent so warming… and
We’ll linger overnight. I’ll scrub you grand !
We’ll venture forth at dawn, so have a care!

Climb up that tree, leap here, and sun with me !
I’ll tutor mew in purrs and being cute.
Tomorrow, at this hour, mew little toot,
We’ll both adopt a hooman: just mew see !

So, come now ! There’s no time to be aloof.
Just scramble up! You’ve got it, little one !
We’ll doze in comfort here till day is done:
Thank Aslan not upon a hot tin roof!”

Author notes

I assume the delightful photograph is courtesy of Pinterest

Again an attempt has been made to conform to the spelling of the Standard North American Feline Dialect, as instructed by the late Sublime Mews Himself.

As for czars and ancient Rome: I’m only the translator! Remember, cats were gods in ancient Egypt: Rome is far nearer in time and I have it on good feline advice that czar, that regal  Russian word, was short for Caesar.

Copyright 2021, Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

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