Purrsday Poetry: The Empurror Rules: A Catatonia Poem

“I’ve martialed armies and I’ve fought long wars
With courage, though foes strove to overwhelm
Sweet Catatonia, our rich peaceful realm,
Where sunlight’s warm and gold and no rain pours.

Although the rabid armies of the rats
All swarmed our butteries and our pantries, we
Prevailed and rousted all: now you can see
That even field mice doff their feathered hats !

Now all the rodents swear through every land
Respect and honor’s due to every cat.
Since we have ruled the hoomans dogs know that
We cats proclaim that every kitten’s grand.

Where would this planet be without our might?
We’ve vanquished vermin and taught vassals all
Behavior that’s appropriate! So call
My court: I, Empurror, proclaim tonight

Will all be spent in banquets with delight!
So pour the brightly sparkling catnip wine !
So serve on fine Limoges a feast divine !
To Health !!!!! Our realm is saved, our rule outright !”

Author notes
The lovely image is courtesy of Pinterest.

© Anissa Nedzel Gage 2021, All rights reserved

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