DIY Multi-Purpose Cat Bed from a Wooden Box

Have you noticed that cats tend to choose to sit and lay in random boxes instead of taking a nap in their own comfy cat bed which probably costs a lot of money? You can prevent this from happening by DIY-ing a cat bed by using a wooden box which not only costs a fraction of the price of a cat bed but your cat will surely love it. As a bonus this is not just a usual cat bed, it has a side covered with sisal rope which acts as a scratching surface, so you can keep your furniture intact. The other side of the box is equipped with a soft bristled shoe brush which acts as a head massager.

So if you are wondering how to make this multi-purpose cat bed follow the instructions in the guide below. To make things easier you can download it here and print it out so you can check it out any time you need while you are getting all crafty.

What You’ll Need:

●30x40x22cm wooden box

●10m 6mm dia. natural sisal rope

●Soft shoe brush

●Acrylic paint of your choice

●Little painting brush

●Hot glue gun


How to make the bed:

1.Take a wooden basket with the following measurements in which your cat will fit in. We used one with the following dimensions: 30x40x22cm

2.Take 10m of 6mm dia. natural sisal rope and start gluing it to one of the sides of the box. This will act as a scratching surface for your cat.

3.Continue by going round and round until you reach the center and the side is fully covered with rope.

4.Stick a soft bristle shoe brush on the other side of the box with a glue gun so they can scratch their little heads.

5.If you want to make your cat’s bed personalized, start sketching their name with a pencil on the front panel of the box.

6.To prevent the remaining rope from unfolding secure the end with the hot glue gun.

7.Glue down the piece of rope by following the sketch you made on the box.

8.To make the name pop, paint the rope with acrylic paint with a color of your choice.

9.To make the bed comfy, take a pillow with similar measurements as the box and place it inside of it.

10.The multi-purpose cat bed should be ready for your feline friend to enjoy it.

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