The Purrfect Pet-Friendly Staycations Across the Country for You & Your Furry Friends

Let’s face it, the past year has been tough, and everyone is in need of a well-deserved break.

And although there might not be high hopes of booking a holiday abroad just yet – Britain is blessed with beautiful beaches and copious amounts of campsites located all across the country – which work as safe alternatives for a flight-free summer holiday.

As the roadmap out of lockdown rolls out, as of the 12th of April, domestic travel is officially allowed within the country, between bubbles and households respectively. With overnight stays in self-contained accommodation back on the cards – from Airbnbs and campsites to cottages and caravans.

Research reveals that 83%* of UK adults would prefer to book a British staycation this year, as opposed to heading overseas – following a host of concerns around quarantining and self-isolation, not to mention the worry of being stranded abroad.

And with nearly a quarter of Brits now owning a dog (24%*) and even more owning a cat (26%*) – the beauty of a staycation is that you can pack up the car and hit the road – with your pets in tow too.

If you’re envisioning your summer expedition, sustainable cat litter firm Natusan is here to help you get prepped – collating the most pet-friendly UK destinations – with expert advice from Dr Scott Miller around how to travel safely with your pet.

Rachel Andre, Director of sustainable cat litter firm Natusan explained; “Following a challenging and unprecedented year, many Britons are looking to save their summer holiday in the form of a staycation. After all, everyone deserves a break – including our cat and canine companions.” 

Sustainable cat litter brand, Natusan shares their top five pet-friendly UK staycation solutions. From cozy campsites to Yurt glamping getaways, we’ve got you covered: 

1) Yorkshire – Rudding Park 

Rudding Park is an all-rounder for everyone, from the luxury spa to the extravagant 18-hole golf course – you’ll be camping in splendor throughout your staycation.

This pet-friendly camping and caravan site has beautiful facilities to fulfill all the families and four legged friends’ needs.

Located in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside – this is a perfect place to bring your pooch, as you’ll be surrounded by acres of flourishing green fields, as far as the eye can see. Meaning miles of amazing scenic walks to take the dogs out on.

If you need reassurance, just take a moment to read the rave reviews about Rudding Park online – and you’ll be persuaded in no time.

2) Cornwall, Luxury Cornish Yurts 

If you’ve ever fancied giving glamping a go, then look no further, the stylish and spacious Luxury Cornish Yurts are perfect for you and your furry friends.

Situated in the heart of Cornwall, just a short distance from the rolling southern English coastlines and beautiful beaches – there are an array of routes for you and your pooch to explore.

Also, as self-catered accommodation, you have the luxury of your own personal showers. Not to mention all necessities are provided too, such as; rechargeable lanterns, beach towels – and even hot water bottles.

3) Wales, The Roast Ox Inn 

For cat parents looking for a purrfect weekend away, the feline-friendly Roast Ox Inn, located in Painscastle, Wales, offers an awe-inspiring visit to the beautiful borders of Wales.

Where you can enjoy stunning sights of natural beauty – from rivers, forests and mountains – to nearby sleepy market towns, such as Hay-on-Wye and Kington.

The accommodation offers ensuite bedrooms which boast super king-sized beds. While resident moggy Michael is always on hand to give a warm welcome to guests.

This is also the perfect place for a digital detox – as mobile phone signal can be minimal in the area (no chance of disturbing a well-deserved cat-nap, then).

4) Lake District, Glamping Pods

The Lake District is renowned for its dramatic landscapes and beautiful, long hikes – as well as large lakes which provide a range of activities for adventurous families and their animals.

The national park is peppered with campsites, but for those who fancy a bit of luxury in Cumbria with their canine companions, then the Wallsend Glamping Pods are ideal.

Your pup is bound to enjoy their break just as much as their human counterparts – with long intrepid treks and stunning swimming escapades to ensure endless entertainment.

If all this wasn’t enough, Wallsend Glamping pods also house picturesque tea rooms – to provide perfect picnic food and hot drinks after a long afternoon of outdoor adventures.

5) Andover, The Jack Russell Inn 

Arguably the ultimate establishment for you and your pet to enjoy a weekend getaway, in honour of man’s best friend, The Jack Russell Inn in Faccombe even named their bedrooms after different dog breeds, from ‘Bulldog’ to ‘Great Dane’.

With stunning views of the surrounding estate – and a focus on the conservation of the natural beauty and wildlife nearby – this endearing inn also offers local food that celebrates great British produce.

Not to mention, they also boast nifty underfloor heating, which you and your accompanying kitty or canine will want to curl up on for a quick cat nap.

Rachel Andre, Director of the sustainable cat litter firm continued; “At Natusan, we are all about the environment and believe in making less waste and more wonder, which is why The Jack Russell Inn has made it into our top five list – as they provide environmentally friendly and vegan British bath and body products on arrival. Perfect for guilt-free pampering.”

Dr Scott Miller, TV Personality and Resident Vet for Sustainable cat litter brand, Natusan, shares his top tips around how to travel with your pet in the UK safely & comfortably this summer:

1) Plan ahead & check up on local vets 

It’s always advisable to make a reservation in advance – especially amid the current COVID-19 climate. And you can either be inspired by our pet-friendly staycations listed above – or use a pet-friendly travel site to find somewhere suitable to book.

When you do settle on a staycation – be sure to look in advance at local vets in the area too – just to be prepared, and for peace of mind.

2) Make sure to pack your puppy pads and cat litter 

We may not admit it, but at the end of the day, everyone prefers their home toilet, and the same is true for your cat. Being sure to bring the litter which your feline friend is accustomed to is a great way to make them feel at home – without having to contend with too many new smells.

Natusan’s 10L litter bags make for perfect holiday packing. With their compact size and lighter weight, they fit easily into an overnight bag, so there’s no more decanting litter into a smaller bag (…and subsequently making a mess!)

The natural odour-trapping properties of Natusan also remove any worries of awful odours overwhelming your accommodation, so you can keep your cat’s tray in the bathroom or outside. Afterall, everyone likes a bit of privacy.

If you are travelling with a pup, make sure to bring some puppy pads along with you. As this will help limit stains / damage to the property where you’re staying.

3) Make sure to microchip & sort vaccinations in advance

Before you set off on your staycation, make sure your cat’s & canine’s microchip details are all up to date. We all know our curious cats like to roam and how much our adventurous dogs like to sniff in the great outdoors – so it’s a good idea to get organised ahead of time.

Also, make sure their vaccinations are sorted and up to date as an additional precaution.

4) Get your companions car comfortable 

If you are planning to drive to your destination, work to get your pet comfortable with the car ahead of your trip.

Look to start bringing them along for a ride in their carrier a couple of times a month, as this will get them used to the motion of travelling in the car. Afterall, we don’t want any car sick pets, or for them to feel any discomfort. And if you do have concerns, then speak to your vet – as there are many options they can reach for when it comes to calming a travel anxious pet.

I would always recommend using a cat carrier when travelling in the car, and for dogs, make sure they are secure within the vehicle – for their safety and yours. The best way to do this is using a special dog seat belt. These come in the form of a small harness, making sure they are safely clipped in whilst also keeping them from distracting to the driver. Alternatively, dog guards, pet carriers and dog cages also work effectively.

5) Bring a little bit of home with you 

Encourage your cat & canine to get comfortable in a new environment by bringing along their favourite toys and blankets.

The familiarisation and safe smells will help to acclimatise them. If you use a cat or dog carrier, leave it out for a few nights with your pet’s favourite blanket inside so they can get used to it, and look to leave it open in the room so they have a space of their own to retreat to.

Rachel Andre, Director of Natusan said “Ensuring the safety and comfort of our pets is paramount – and is just as important as our own.

“By taking these five steps towards travelling safely with your pet – it will help to keep them calm whilst working to create a stress & hassle free holiday.” 

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