Nubia: Fun with the 4cats motive cushions

Hi everyone,

Today we have a special range of catnip toys for you. These catnip toys are produced by 4cats (click for more details) a German company, please note their website only offers wholesale accounts but consumers can purchase these from our blog shop.

They are using a special catnip filling which we tested out on our little ones and surprisingly Nubia who usually prefers Valerian toys went absolutely mad for this one!

The important thing to know with these toys is that not all cats go mad for catnip. Some cats will instead prefer valerian which is a different plant that causes similar effects to those of catnip!

The substances that cause the ecstatic effect on our house tigers are Nepetalactoneand Actinidine.  On average between 50 and 70 percent of cats are attracted to this, which is why you may find that your own house tiger doesn’t go mad for it.

It is recommended that you supervise your cat while playing with them and ensure to take the toy away once you believe they have played with it enough. If you own more than one cat and they both love catnip its probably best to give each of them one during playtime. 😉

To ensure that your catnip toy lasts longer always put it away in an airtight container.

Oh and a really great tip from 4Cats! Catnip can help wonders with stressful situations so why not put one of these in the carrier for your cat when going to the vet. 🙂

So let us look at those catnip toys now!


These are the fabulous toys from 4cats and the motive cushions come in various cut-out designs. 🙂

The second we unpacked the toy (which happens to be in Nubia’s favorite coulour!) she went mad for it. 😀


Nubia: *Sniff sniff* What is that @_@


Nubia: Mine!!!!! All mine *rolls around happily*


Nubia: *Lightning speed attack!*

Below you can find a video of little Nubia in action! 🙂

And well let us just say that she was VERY tired after playing with her new toy. 😉


Nubia: Soo…. sleepy…


Nubia: Me sleepy? No i am awake… I swear!


Nubia: So…. very…. tired… zzzZZZzz….

For more details about 4cats please visit their website by clicking here. (Available in both German and English)

If you would like to find some for your kitties they are available in the UK (worldwide delivery available) from our online shop



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