Pet Weddings: What you Should Know

If you’re planning on getting married, you might want to include your pets, or perhaps you’re dreaming of a double wedding. You could be considering yours, your future husband’s, or wife-to-be’s pets joining in holy matrimony at the same time you do.

Why would you want your pets to get married?

For a lot of people, their pets are an important part of their life. So a pet wedding is not about animals making any kind of commitment to each other – it’s about allowing them to be part of your big day as a bit of extra fun. Now, while some cat owners have married off their cats to each other, most of the pets who wed are dogs. Perhaps this is because cats prefer their own company a little more. In either case, getting your pets involved in your wedding also saves you having to find a pet sitter for the day, when it’s more than likely everyone you trust with your pets is going to be attending your wedding. At the end of the day, people enjoy something a bit different at weddings. More than that it certainly makes the wedding photos stand out more. Some people even choose to hire animals for part of the day, to enhance the photos with guests and add something unique to the whole experience. If you already have pets, you do this without having to pay out more money, other than perhaps a new outfit for them.


If you want your pets to be part of your big day, finding a pet-friendly location is crucial. If you’re struggling to find a suitable indoor location, where those in charge are happy to host both animals and humans alike, you can look at outdoor locations. Although, there a few things you’ll need to think about. Suitable clothes such as shawls or umbrellas (for the human couple and their guests) which match the colour theme of the wedding, in case there’s a chill in the air or it rains, or a marquee so everyone can take shelter, for example. You should also avoid holding the wedding on grass or any area which can potentially turn muddy. Wellies aren’t a good look for you or your pets on your wedding day. Failing that, you can always lay out a runway for you all to walk down.


Dressing for the occasion

No self-respecting cat or dog is going to walk down the aisle without the right attire. So, as with human weddings, you’ll need to buy a beautiful white outfit and a dapper suit in your pets’ sizes. After all, they’ll want to look their best in the wedding photographs. Though of course this all depends on whether your pets will allow themselves to be dressed up. In the end, athough it’s not generally recommended to get married in the buff, it is more socially acceptable for your pets than it is for you.

Wedding music

Whether you want the perfect song for your pets to get married to, or for the wedding do later on, here are some suggestions: For cats, you could opt for The Love Cats by The Cure, or What’s New Pussycat by Tom Jones. For dogs, Every Dog has its Day by Toby Keith, or Puppy Love by Donny Osmond might be appropriate for the happy day.

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