Guest Star: Smee the Rescue Cat

Below is Smee’s story, photos are attached as well

Smee is a Humane Society Rescue, reduced to $16 during the 2011 Sweet 16 where cats were reduced based on day/week of play. We fell in love with him (his name was Oliver). He is a cool, calm cat and quickly fell in line with his companion Sam (Captain Hook). My husband immediately determined Smee was more fitting.

Each day Smee stands by at the bottom of the stairs. As we approach, he flips over with a thud and waits for his morning tummy rub.

His worth is millions.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Star: Smee the Rescue Cat

  1. Nancy says:

    Not sure who’s luckier here, the kitties or their guardians. What gorgeous cats. I would pet them all day, especially those tummies.

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