Pizza is not for Cats

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a rather fun post for you all!

As many of you know we love to cook and making Pizza is not an exception here. Of course with cats around this can be hilarious at times! LOL


Nubia: Is this a new toy for me?

Marc: No it’s not little one. This is to help us make Pizza!

Nubia: Right! Can I help rolling out the dough!

Marc: Pizza is one thing we’d like to have without cat hairs. ;o


Nubia: Does that mean I’ll get to have the slice of pizza of Mr Fuzzballs? 😀

Marc: No… that’s his slice but you never know someone might make a catnip version one day?!?

Nubia: And why does he get to sit on that big plate and I am not? 😮

Marc: That’s because he is part of the Fuzzballs range of Pizza is not for cats and he doesn’t spread his hair all over it! But you are distracting us from the review. ;o


Nubia: So what is this pizza steel that I am not allowed to sit on?

Marc: Well… that’s our new “pizza stone” to help us make fabulous pizza. 😀

Nubia: For me right? 😀

Marc: No still no… if you behave we may keep you a slice of chicken from the chicken pizza. ;o

Nubia: But that pizza looks delicious… and I don’t see any chicken on this one.

Marc: That’s because this one is our jalapeno pepper pizza… YOU definitely don’t want a slice of this one!

Nubia: Jalapeno what?

Marc: Very spicy peppers!

Nubia: Ah right let’s feed them to Oli! 😀

Marc: Nope… you are not the one that would have to clean up after him LOL!

Marc: Anyhow…. the Pizza Steel was a fun new pizza stone to try out despite the distraction from our little princess of Nubia. 😉 It made a purrfectly crisp Pizza without the burns! But remember Pizza is NOT for cats. 😀



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8 thoughts on “Pizza is not for Cats

  1. Rohvannyn says:

    My cats don’t mind peppers – but they are Arizona cats so go figure! (We don’t let them have any but heat doesn’t deter them from having a lick!) It’s pizza night for us tonight – and of course one PARTICULAR long tailed boykitty (I’m looking at you, Hiroshi!) would LOVE to get on the counter right before I knead and shape the dough. Meanwhile his sister keeps busy getting into the cupboards. Homemade pizza is great!

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