Guest Star: Smudgie and Buffer

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story from From Owen Good, North Carolina USA

Smudgie and Buffer, kitten siblings adopted together in 2016, are better known as The Crime Bros. These two feline leisure enthusiasts can be found stretching out on both human and cat furniture in their well appointed North Carolina home. When not enjoying (or destroying) the upholstery, they can be found providing the opposite of assistance to household tasks such as laundry. Buffer is an outdoor camper, frequently returning with muddy white mitts from his excursions, even on the coldest of mornings. Smudgie has been confined to Kitty Supermax since March 2019 after he ascended, for the third time in two years, a very tall tree and had to be rescued by a good samaritan.

Smudgie takes an inverted nap.

Buffer like his naps too:

Laundry helpers:

Laundry baskets are always good for tussles:

Another nap for Smudgie:

Smudgie looks so innocent for the camera:

Ditto the other half of the Crime Bros.:

Smudgie plans his next crime:

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5 thoughts on “Guest Star: Smudgie and Buffer

  1. Jean W Fox says:

    I adopted Ethel and Lucy 7 months ago, 2 days after the death of my husband. To say he was not a cat fancier is putting it mildly. So I patiently waited until the time was right. These two bonded kittens are a tribute to the meaning of the phrase “Crazy Cat Lady” as this is what I am turning into. Their latest and greatest amazing adventure occurred Thursday night when they managed to both snuggle up with me, demanding their half in the middle, and keep pushing me bit by bit until they managed to push me totally out of bed, causing me to get up close and personal with my cherry night stand corner. The rest as they say, is history, Well, a trip to the emergency room and 3 stitches later, barely missing my eye, you would think that I would smarten up. Not a chance. Loved your thoughts on Smudgie and Buffer.

  2. jpauline22 says:

    They’re super cute! The picture of them in the dryer makes me nervous though. My dad’s best friend’s mom once accidentally shut the family cat in the dryer and turned it on. She heard something thumping in the dryer and opened the door, and the cat came streaking out. Don’t worry, the kitty was fine – if not a bit traumatized.

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