Guest Star: El Gato

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Please find below a guest story from Tiffany:

Good day my feline loving friends. This is my beautiful cat El Gato.

He is a male neutered feline that is approximately 5 years old. Me and my husband love this cat, we got him 2 years ago. He was living in the deep woods of the Tahuya forest with his other siblings in a powerless, waterless, dark, cold shack when he was given to us.

He lived a rough life before coming to us with being the sole survivor of the shack episode. His other siblings had been attacked and eaten by other wild animals.

The first few weeks of having our new cat El Gato was incredibly scared of everything. Always looking over his shoulders. He burrowed a hole into the bottom of one of the spare bedroom mattresses and would only come out for food or to use his litter box. But not in our presence.

Eventually El Gato loosened up and has become the loving quirky house/outdoor cat that he is today. Life now for El Gato has changed is what he communicates to us as meow meow or great! He runs the house, he has what w call prince chairs, there are 3 of them. Endless supplies of food. Tuna is his favorite.

He loves attention at certain intervals of the day. You will know this when you walk by and he swats at you to stop and give him attention. Spoiled? Well yes. Overweight? Yes, 22lbs.

He is in his winter mode. He loves to go outside, and he is a fierce hunter. He never strays very far from our property. He controls our rodent population by delivering to us shrew, mice, rats, and once a bat!

One time he had placed a dead shrew in a slip on shoe of mine that I left outside. In the morning without knowing I slipped the shoe on for the day. I thought it was a little more squishy on one of the shoes.

My the end of the day the macerated shrew was discovered. Either this was a gift from my cat or he has a very demented sense of humor. Oh well, got to love him. Aren’t cats great?!

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