Kitty Cafe: Introducing the Cat Scratcher Revolution – the Cat Climber – AND They are Giving you a Chance to WIN!

The UK’s Favourite Cat Cafe, Kitty Cafe have Announced a GIVEAWAY Competition so Fur-raising, all who hear about it are Climbing the Walls with Excitement!!

What is the competition?

Everyone at Kitty Cafe, are all incredibly thrilled and proud to announce the pre-launch of their newest feline focused product – the Cat Climber! To celebrate, they are calling all cat lovers – as they have decided to giveaway a cat climber to ONE extremely lucky hoo-man, for FREE! You’ll be smiling like the cat who got the cream if you WIN!

How utterly purr-fect does that sound? Carry on reading and let us entice you further!

How is Kitty Cafe’s Cat Climber different to other cat climbing towers?

Now, they’re not claiming that the Cat Climber is better than any others already out there – they love and appreciate all products that are made to keep our beloved kitties in pure comfort (and a little bit of luxury, of course) – we just believe that there are some positive differences between the two!
Their Cat Climber is a fur-ward thinking piece of furniture, designed and created to be mutually beneficial for your cat, yourself and your home, fitting around every single individual need!
We know the look of this piece isn’t exactly what you would automatically imagine when you think of a cat climber, but we’re here to change your perception for good! Most standard cat climbers are rather bulky, ridiculously heavy and take up a large amount of space in your home, and that’s once you finally find a place that you can actually afford to lose! After spending more money than you ever thought you would on your beloved feline and plenty of time positioning their new piece of furniture, it can be slightly disheartening to watch them have a little sniff of it and plod over to have a catnap in a disheveled box or innocently scratch at your sofa.
The Kitty Cafe Cat Climber will banish those negative feelings – it is sleek and slim in design, making it purr-fect for saving space – literally made for contemporary living and it has everything your precious kitty needs – a climbing and clawing surface and a perch for them to sit or have a well-deserved rest on! The sweet picture just above, featuring some of our much loved feline fur-ends is an example of the difference between a normal cat climber and ours – even though the focus is in the centre of the image, your eye is still drawn to the huge hunk of furniture on the left, even whilst disguised behind a tree!

How does it benefit your cat, we hear you wonder. Well, you know as well as we do that cats absolutely adore to climb (even onto places we secretly wish they wouldn’t) and most cat climbers don’t truly fulfil that – there are plenty of places to jump to, but not physically climb. Hence why we designed our cat climber to have a safe, highly durable surface for your kitty to really satisfy their desire to climb! The very same surface is wonderfully suited for your feline to have a good scratch at before they venture upwards, saving your beautiful furniture. Once your cat reaches the top, there is a seat from which they have a high vantage point of their very own, where they will feel secure and comfortable, making for an extremely happy kitty!

Oh and did you notice the overload of cuteness featured in our design? The bottom looks like the adorable feet of a little feline and the top like tiny cat ears! This sweet cat climber is available in 8 stunning colours ranging from the eye-catching brights to beautifully natural! This is something you surely don’t want to miss out on?!

How do I enter the competition?

Entering the competition is purr-fectly quick and easy! All you need to do is click THIS link, sign up to receive a referral code and spread it around your dear family and friends for the chance to win this claw-some giveaway!

If you simply cannot bear the thought of missing out on our Cat Climber, sign up HERE to be notified of its launch and get your paws on this revolutionary, modern cat climber – beneficial for you and your beloved feline!

Love this product? Love kitties? Why not have a little peek at the cafes social meow-dia accounts – FB: @KittyCafeUK, Instagram: @kittycafeuk and Twitter: @KittyCafeUK1.

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