Guest Star: Dax

Hi everyone,

Please find below our latest guest star feature by Beth and Tom of Finca Ryokan Neko (Cat’s House Farm), Boquete, Panama (Central America):

We adopted a rescue cat and at first she was super afraid and hid on a shelf in the bathroom.

After a couple of days I started coming in and just sitting on the floor talking to her. And she would talk back. Cute little chirps and mews.

She started coming over for pets and chin scratches, and we proceeded to bond.

After several months of training, (us not the cat), she decided we were sufficiently obedient to learn a game.

She then proceeded to teach us how to play Hand.

This involves the human trying to pet the cat, who flips over on her back and proceeds to attacking the hand vigorously with all four feet and biting.

Except she never took out her claws and never actually bit me. Just sort of nom nom nom.

After getting me accustomed to playing the game, she started introducing Rules I had to follow.

The 1st rule was only 1 person can play.

2nd rule, Only 1 Hand at a Time.

Failure to follow either rule, and Game Over!

Sadly, we lost her last month after she got a severe infection which resulted in sepsis.

She was absolutely the most adorable kitty ever. If you can please support:

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